03 August 2019

A Moment From MB: Hi There; State of TPC; COCGO, REAL Politick & More!

In the words of Freddie Washington, "Hi There!

Welcome Back!

The State of TPC

The State of TPC is strong, my friends. Very strong, indeed.

The month of July was quite important for the publication. It finished in the Top 5 all time in our history in terms of pageviews & was the best month we've seen since October of 2018 in that regard.

Going back, if you'll remember, it was in early November of last year that I apparently pissed off everybody. Let's do an inventory:

- The Newton GOP
- Scott Jay, AB, et al
- The Newton Dems 

- The Newton County
- The City of Covington 

- And, I don't know, dozens of other folks, apparently.

I was certainly Persona Non Grata there for a bit.

The results were clear. The People were NOT impressed. They weren't buying what your semi-esteemed Editor was selling. I saw a dip - a big dip, actually - with this page that, honestly, really surprised me. It was a very interesting phenomenon.

But, you can't keep a good online newssite down, right?. Regression to the mean & all. Usually, it all comes out in the wash.

And one other thing.

I haven't quite kept up the promise that was made back in April of averaging at least a post a day & striving for 40 or more per month. And that's all on me. The Contributors on this page have been doing the heavy lifting, there's no doubt about it, and I'm so grateful for them.

What can I say? But, for what it's worth, I have been very busy with a few of my other endeavors. Oh well, best laid plans & all. Mea Culpa. I'm gonna work hard to do better! 


City of Covington Official, AKA, @FastFoodCaptial

Bless their little hearts. Obsessed with the Mayor (and per one source - maybe a little queer on him), and obviously I hit a nerve.

And talking about that aforementioned phenomenon. Their post from Friday? Ouch! What a tepid response. Weak. Low energy. Probably the poorest one they've had in terms of social media activity since their first month of operation. Sad. 

REAL Politick 

Well here in the home city it's getting to be crunch time. Qualifying just weeks away! So much excitement w/ this cycle, I get hot & bothered just thinking about it!

Fleeta v. Plitt 

The more I learn about Plitt the more I like him. In terms of my 4-point plan I rolled out the other day, I don't think I have his support on 1 & 2, but 3 & 4 are looking pretty good apparently.

And then there's Fleeta. Her meteoric rise just a few weeks ago is starting to look like this year's version of fidget spinners. All the rage there for a minute, but then folks were like - "what the hell was that all about?"

MBM TPC's Predicted Split (as of this day): Plitt 57/ Fleeta 43

Don T v. ??? 

Just kidding. The cat, it seems, is finally out of the bag on this one. My good friend Josh McKelvey IS apparently running for reelection.

Predicted Split: McKelvey 62/ Don 38 

Mayor's Race 

Steve Horton appears to be taking a hit for politicizing the Bard/Cancer situation. Attending the ambulance chasers meeting wasn't a good move to start, but then trying to politicize it on Facebook appeared to be the epitome of tone deafness.

I was giving even odds on this one (at least as it related to Horton v. Johnston) but have now revised the numbers.

Predicted Split: Threets 40 / Johnston 31 / Horton 24 / Walden 5 


When, in the name of all that's Holy, is the damn Burger King gonna finally open??!! My word! They're killing me...

Also, somebody finally picked up that maroon towel (or was it a shirt?) that had been sitting in the middle of the Hwy 278 & Elm/Alcovy intersection. It'd been sitting there for over 2 months. I was kind of sad to see it go; I think I'm gonna miss it... 

Alrighty, folks. Until next time.

- MB McCart