31 August 2019

An Editorial by the Editor: Barbara Dingler Must Resign

Constitutional Officer of Newton Co., GA, USA & its Tax Commissioner, Barbara Dingler, has served a very long time here in the home county.

Frustrations, complaints, and general ill feelings have been directed towards this office for many years.

Just last month, as I was waiting for what would eventually become over an hour because there were only 3 windows out of the 14 "open for business, "  I texted our esteemed 5th District Commissioner Ronnie Cowan this:

"...the tag office is a TOTAL encapsulation of all that is wrong w/ Newton Co government..."

This constitutional office is responsible for all things taxes in our political subdivision, including the Tax Assessor's office & many other things.

Then, with recent news of the IRS coming down hard on George & Josh Hart & OCHO, we're reminded of the fact that this lady has yet again failed at her job. $500K worth of unpaid property taxes by this crowd. It's been documented & in the public discourse for several years.

But yet nothing ever gets done...

Well, friends, I - for one - am damn sick & tired of it, and I hope you are too.

I know too many folks who break their backs every year to get their grossly-misspent & way-too-high property taxes paid & then...then, they witness crap like this.


And that's the $.02.


Marshall "MB" McCart


P.S. And remember, here in Newton, you still have to pay that extra surcharge if you dare be so bold as to use a credit or debit card to have the pleasure of giving your yearly tribute/protection money to the crown.