13 August 2019

Perrin Lovett: The Timely Demise of Jeffrey Epstein


The "Suicide" of the Pedo-Bankster. ABC News

Suddenly, following the Saturday “suicide” of Pedo-Bankster Epstein, everyone is a conspiracy theorist. I’ll examine a few of the more popular ones in a moment. For now, I’m not endorsing (or worrying) about any of them. At the outset, I think he’s really and truly dead. No, I don’t automatically buy the suicide angle. It’s the official story from the government, which means the extreme likelihood is that it is not correct. And, Epstein was a psychopath. They don’t normally like harming themselves, their own personal being whom they consider the most important person alive. 

A few of the conspiracy theories, or theories about conspiracies:

The Clinton Crime Family whacked him.

Possibly. Probably would not be the first time. Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea were all very well acquainted with the decedent. They are connected via their own webs to that network of Epstein’s. There are tons of people who would have rather silenced Jeffy than see him name names. Two problems I see: One, the material disclosed in the ongoing civil suits does not paint Bill in any negative light. Two - and this is important for more than a few of these theories - I would guess that Epstein was exhausted of what he knew. The main focus now is on Ghislaine Maxwell and other players.


Trump and “Q” MAGA’D him.

Possible. But, I’m not so sure. Trump, even more so than Bill C., was practically exonerated of wrongdoing via the newly released documents. Then again, Trump is the sitting president with an active duty to protect the country. The prosecution was nominally his way of doing that. If nothing else, in the unbelievably unlikely circumstances that Jeffy had been acquitted, rather than Milosevic him in jail, Trump could have sent him to GITMO as an EC threat.

Trump Sent him to GITMO.

Why? Again, the main sources of information about other links is now people not named Epstein. And, the Southern District essentially had him dead to rights. If not them, then the District in Florida could have opened the old case (with additional newer charges). Or, the State of Florida could have prosecuted him. Or New York. New Mexico. The USVI. 

The CIA “spirited” him away.

See the foregoing.

Mossad spirited him to Tel Aviv.

Most unlikely. While it’s most likely he worked for the Mossad, they only wanted information out of him. They, under no circumstances, wanted him in Israel. (They have daughters too). It would have been difficult to keep a character like Jeffy underground in such a small country.

The NYPD, the victims, or someone else had him terminated.

Possible. Most understandable. But, why now? Maybe if his trial was going south and a release was becoming a possibility. But, as in most cases, revenge can wait.

Here are just a few of the fun facts that keep on coming out in this case:

  • The death happened the day after those civil docs dropped;
  • Epstein was on suicide watch;
  • Then, he wasn’t;
  • He said someone was trying to kill him;
  • The guards broke protocol repeatedly regarding his 24/7 monitoring;
  • The cameras inside the cell didn’t work;
  • His cellmate was transferred out only hours before the event;
  • Former inmates, familiar with the cells, say that suicide therein is impossible;
  • The pictures of that blue-faced man being wheeled into the ER looked (to me) like Jeffy. Some say it wasn’t him.

Whodunnit? Who cares? We are cautioned that “the wages of sin is death; but the Gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” Romans 6:23 (KJV). Epstein completely rejected the Gift and his wages were heavy and due. My theory is that justice happened Saturday.