22 October 2019

Kayla's Corner: Helping The Animals of Newton Co.

 Kayla's Corner

Hi everyone & welcome back to The Corner. I've missed y'all & I have some exciting news! 

Recently, I collaborated with Newton County Animal Control on a volunteer project in Mansfield, GA & in doing so, I noticed the lack of resources, support & housing for the animals of Newton. And the facility itself is in major need of repair. The good news, though, is it's coming soon! 

A very generous, anonymous contribution of $100,000 was recently donated to NCAC. That in addition to the $1.2 million from the most recent SPLOST referendum will go towards the renovations & additions for the facilities for Newton County's animals. I'm super excited to see these changes & will keep everyone updated! 

A good way to keep up on your local animal updates is to add yourself to the Newton County Animals Only Facebook group. NCAO is a volunteer site I created in 2008. It is now a growing group of 1,300 local members that helps Newton County animals find their "furever" homes!

Another fantastic online resource for animals is The Friends of Newton Co. Animal Control Facebook page. They share pics of NCAC's adoptable pets & reach out for rescues. And here's a convenient link to use for those of you looking for pets in our area. 

And finally there is the Humane Society of Newton County that has provided much financial & volunteer support to the animals of our county over its 30 year history.

That's all for this time! Thank you so much for reading & please feel free to share!
- Kayla Leasure

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