30 October 2019

Ronnie Johnston, the Right Man for the Job: An Editorial Endorsement by Kayla Leasure


By: Kayla Leasure, TPC Contributing Writer  

I’m excited to publicly declare my support for Ronnie Johnston in his bid for reelection as the Mayor of the City of Covington.

The Mayor of Covington, Ronnie Johnston

My personal experience when engaging with Ronnie has always been delightful. He is very approachable and an honorable man. His experience, passion, and kindness makes him the perfect choice.

He has invested his own time and money into the revitalization of the downtown Covington Square. He continues to actively work on several large projects to facilitate smart growth, and has keen insight on the economics and development of our city.

I am proud to endorse Ronnie Johnston for a third term as Mayor - a man who cares for Covington!

Kayla Leasure