01 March 2020

A Letter to the Editor by the Editor: Wasting Your Vote? Or Making a Difference. An Endorsement of Tusli Gabbard for POTUS

GA Presidential Preference Primary March 24th, Early Voting Starts Tomorrow

By MB McCart, Editor

*edited - 3/2/20


And moreover by Aloha, I mean: 

...I come to you with an open heart, I respect you and care about you. Whether a friend or stranger, I come to you with aloha—regardless of the color of your skin, where you come from, how you worship God, who you love, or what political party you belong to.

I can already hear the peanut gallery chirping; the "They" in "That's What They Say" Saying; the Haters Hating. Who cares? As an off-&-on official member of the Libertarian Party (off for the last several years), I'm used to it. I'm a proud Ron & Rand Paul Republican/Sam Nunn & Zell Miller Democrat. One might wonder just why in the hell is this guy endorsing a Progressive Democrat National Guard Major from Hawaii

Tulsi Gabbard 

If you have to ask, then you probably couldn't wrap your mind around the answer anyway & frankly I'm too busy & tired to waste my time. With all due respect, a fair amount of the general electorate just don't have it in them to achieve REAL Story status & it's pointless to even try.  But we still love them, don't we? Those precious ones, we're definitely here for them. Once we get automated driving going & drones delivering everything needed, we can just keep them tucked away in their living units with their devices - electric & chemical - merchandise, dry goods and their super snacks. 

Of course, we've got a few years until that glorious day. Plus there's the whole possibility of the machines becoming self aware... 


In the meantime it really comes down to this. 

Our (America's) shit's fucked up.

Almost beyond repair. 


Thank goodness the narcissistic buffoon surprised even himself & won the damn thing 3 & 1/2 years ago (they say God looks after the drunk & ignorant, as I'm acutely aware; of course, Trump doesn't drink...)

And as I've stated publicly many times since then - he was exactly the President the Republic needed simply to have a chance - to be able to start the process of uncovering, eviscerating & decimating the bad guys (Deep State, Fabian Society, Fed, CIA, MIC, DNC, Clinton Machine, RNC, Bush Machine, Establishment, Soros, Power Elite, MSM, Eyes in the Shadows, whatever you want to call 'em, etc & et al). 

But now it's time to really start fixing things & working towards a healing of our battled & beleaguered nation. So many of our fellow citizens, on both the hard  fringes of right & left, were sold a bad bill of goods & didn't have the constitution or wherewithal to be able to see through it like some of us did. Just because these people may seem like a problem, that doesn't necessarily diminish their humanity. Whether we like it or not, we're stuck with them; they're a part of our lives. Most likely they'll always be at least a bit of a headache, so again, let's get that automated driving thing going. Maybe we could at least get 'em off the roads.

I'm digressing again.  I do that. Sorry.

Tulsi is by far the most qualified person on the Democratic side if for no other reason than most of them hate and/or fear her. 

A total media blackout. Then the old Russian interference playbook again. I mean, you remember last summer when she was the most googled candidate after the first two debates & raising money at a top-tier clip. Certainly couldn't have that continue. In fact, some have surmised that at least a few of these folks would prefer Trump over her.

Does it hurt that she's absolutely beautiful? No, definitely not for me, though it seems fairly intuitive that large swaths of the Democratic base would have a problem with it.

Plus, she's an absolute bad ass. She'd stomp any candidate in the ring or in the field (could we bring back duels?), or on the the debate stage (remember, she singlehandedly killed Kamala's presidential aspirations. No matter what, we'll always have that.). 

Even SNL has gotten in on it.

"But she's not a viable candidate," some continue to say.

Hell, you try being completely blacklisted & disappeared by the media & the DNC. CNN has changed their rules twice to block Tulsi from a debate as well as a town hall. There was a time when Tulsi was out-performing several mid-tier candidates & was polling as high as 7-8% (way above Klobuchar, Steyer & others at the time). Then came the Russia allegations from several (including Hillary & the NY Times) & then the subsequent blackout.

And speaking of the the Hillary methodology of RUSSIA!!1! (again, that's apparently the only reason why she didn't win in a landslide in 2016. Nothing to do with the BleachBit or the hammering of the phones & tablets. Nothing to do with breaking federal law). No, according to her, it was solely Mother Russia spending some money on a few FB & Twitter boosts.

And in the case the Russia thing might not be enough, why not throw in some racism as well?


Are you kidding me? It's like they're not even trying anymore. 

But this isn't just about Tulsi's run for POTUS & how she's been much maligned by the aforementioned bad guys. No, it's also about the big picture.

From her own words in an op-ed at The Hill in which she states: "

"Presidential candidates must also condemn election interference by US intelligence agencies"

She was referring to that Deep State-MSM hit job that they tried to put on Bernie last week. Now, is she possibly angling for a Veep slot w/ T
eam Sanders? It's certainly possible. In fact, TPC's own Perrin Lovett talked a few weeks ago about how that was likely the Dems' best shot. 

If the Democratic machine wanted to actually win, and it appears they do not, then they would craft a ticket of Bernie for Prez and Tulsi for Veep. A recent survey rated the economy, education, healthcare, and war very highly among the concerns of the populace. A Sanders/Gabbard ticket would best address those issues from the left. In short, Bernie could bring the popularity, Tulsi the honesty (and the ever-important photogenic factor).

Even Matt Taibbi got involved:

And so after all of this, it's a bitter pill to swallow to hear some folks talking about what has been done to Tulsi with this sense of sad resignation.

Oh well, that's just how it goes. Or - Yeah, same thing happened to Ron Paul. Too bad.  

So, what, you're just gonna give up? Let the bastards get away with it?!

Well, I say to hell with that. This dude does not abide.

But what's even worse, to me, is when you see a piece like this. Totally dismissive to the facts at hand, it certainly seems to be the norm with most coverage these days.

Oh well, nobody said life was fair, but that doesn't mean we can't try to do something about it. 

Tulsi Gabbard

Making a Difference? That's exactly what I'll be doing on March 24th when this Georgia Liberty activist will be pulling a Democratic ticket in Georgia's Presidential Preference Primary for Tulsi. 

P.S.  #NotARussianBot

- MB McCart