31 March 2020

[MB McCart] - Talkin' Coronavirus in the USA & the #COV; City of Covington Inviting Lawsuits? A+ for Kemp

您好,读者 "Hello, Readers" is what the previous line is supposed to have said in Chinese, and maybe it did?

So, Coronavirus, Covid-19, Chinese Flu, The Revenge of Wuhan, whatever you want to call it - it's obviously been quite the thing & is apparently going nowhere soon. Just earlier today, POTUS Trump declared that it was going to be a "very, very painful two weeks." So, for the fourth week in a row, it's going to be a really rough 2 weeks.

First, the facts. Both the U.S. & Georgia mortality rates continue to drop. Predicated & predicted by science, this rate will continue to drop as more & more cases are confirmed. Many have spoken to this point but have been widely drowned out by the much louder virtue signalers of microbiology & mass hysteria, as well as the proverbial temperance & tell-you-what-you-need-to-do types (AKA, the "They" in "That's What They Say.") There's been some starting to wonder if maybe we sort of messed up on this thing. That perhaps things have gone too far. Even the Governor of New York has made mention of this as well as countless articles that you can look for on the world wide web. But really, what am I thinking? This is 2020. Facts, logic, reason, data, science? We don't need any of that anymore. C-Town Representin' They got it right the first time, with the original order; then they shat the bed sheets the 2nd time. I'm not still so sure that what they've done is legal or constitutional. The bailouts for the restaurants (business grants & employee relief), are really not overly surprising. Many feel as if a certain restaurant owner - John Bezborn - was behind that, and as many know he donated heavily to & is purportedly the driving force behind the new "Let's Take Back Our City & Drain the Swamp" Covington City Council. As I mentioned on social media, I believe this current council is out of balance. Or, they suck a$$. Take your pick. You basically have one adult in the room - Keck - & then you have the rest. I made waves when I pronounced that I was going to start a recall petition of Don Floyd's seat. I also called out Fleeta & apparently pissed in a few bowls of cornflakes. What followed was a whole lotta blabbity, blah, blah & Charlie-Brown-Teacher talk. Playa Why U Hatin? But let's go back to the legality & constitutionality of this thing. I can maybe, sort of, get the grant thing being that it's being done through the Downtown Development Authority (DDI) in terms of the restriction of the geographic locale vis a vis the Central Business District, but with the employee relief - well, I'm pretty sure Covington is inviting at least a couple of lawsuits right now. And, it's interesting, the two places that most folks were complaining about (and that per my sources a couple members of the council were most concerned about) are, interestingly enough, basically the two main places not covered by C-Town's New Deal. Interesting, very interesting... Grading the Government on Coronavirus POTUS DJT: B Gov. Kemp: A+

Newton Co.: C City of Covington: F Okay for now, friends, keep washin' them hands. - MB McCart