26 March 2020

Kayla's Corner: Stay Positive; Stay Vigilant & Remain Respectful

Hey everyone, and welcome back to the Corner.  

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Most know I'm known for writing about local & fun news, social gathering spots, restaurants and more. Unfortunately, because of the Coronavirus, most gatherings and events have been postponed. I will try to get the new dates on all of them as they become available.

I wanted to take this time to reach out to everyone to let y'all know that I am praying for a better tomorrow. I am aware that everyone is facing troubles right now, as I completely understand and am as well . I just want to remind everyone that we have to try to stay positive, stay vigilant, and remain respectful. 

When I say to stay positive, I simply mean try to look at the glass half-full. If you can, try do it for yourself and also do it for others. Just like a virus,I believe energy can also be transmitted to another. Spread the positive energy if you can and try to be thankful for what you  have.

STAY VIGILANT.  Your surroundings, Everything You Touch, Is important right now. Make sure to be aware of your surroundings and how to handle them with care. Ask yourself should I be wearing gloves before touching this? Should I sanitize my hands before or after?if The answer is yes, then do it! This is how we can be proactive about stopping viruses and germs from spreading!

Remain Respectful.  At this time it is crucial to respect others decisions. Whether it be time off from work, space from a loved one or friend, or just simply facing differences in opinions. Let's be mature about this and just remember to try to be respectful of others. keep in mind that people are scared right now and can be facing things you don't know about.

I believe in our community and I always have. I appreciate you taking the time to read this, but more importantly, to understand what I said today. Make sure to spread the word & spread the good energy but while remaining six feet apart so we don't spread this virus. 

Thanks again,

Keeping an Eye on Covington