24 March 2020

A Tuesday Check-in w/ MB - We Have Met the Enemy & They Are Us

Greetings, Citizens. 

March 24th, 2020, almost in the books.

Does it seem like each day is now lasting a week? Maybe that's just me, but I've heard the same from others.

Have we all just lost all good sense? Is that it?

Well, to be fair, we've been this way for a pretty long time. No, it's different this time. And I believe many of us feel it.

As I said on the book of faces there other day, I believe there are some silver linings w/ thing.

Some Silver Linings
- gas prices
- folks reconnecting
- up until the 1970s the USA had the best education system in the world. After the Department of Education was established we started to sink like a stone. Estimates range from us having dipped to 16th or 23rd, or maybe somewhere in between (my guess is maybe 21). I truly believe that we'll be making a strong rebound just over the next few months. Our girl is thriving & I'm hearing the same from many of you
- the decrease in traffic! Thank You, Lord! Much appreciated.
- we all tend to congregate; it's simply in our Nature, and the congregations now mean so much more, governmental edicts aside

I wrote that four days ago; it feels like a month.

Still feeling that 100%.

A day later, I wrote this: 

More & more it feels as if signs are pointing to this ultimately being a good thing, perhaps a true Jubilee of sorts & possibly a new Pax Americana & an era of Good Feelings.

And I still feel that way, too. 


As a rule, the more blue among us keep wanting more & more government force & action, but there have been exceptions.

Here lately, I've seen some left-leaning folks I know make right-leaning arguments & vice versa.

I've seen a few libertarians espouse big government.

I've seen at least a couple of die-hard conservative Christians kneel to the throne of the omnipotent state.

But mainly, I've seen a lot of panicking. Data, logic & reason are not in vogue right now, either.

Last night, the 23rd, after the GAGOV & POTUS spoke, my reaction was that of one of relief, and to a lesser extent, one of pleasant surprise.

Still a -partially- free country as of today (disregarding the Northeast & West Coast); Georgia's looking okay (except, apparently, for Statesboro & Evans Co.).

Interesting time, my friends, interesting times... 

- MB McCart