11 March 2020

[Memoirs of Surviving Children by Bess Tuggle] - A Pro Tip From Grandma

It’s amazing how my short-term memory keeps disappearing and my long-term kicks in.

We’ve got so many Things and Thingettes that -I- lose track of them. That would be kids and their spouses. Grandchildren throw a new monkey wrench into my system, and I don’t know how to tag them.

Our youngest grandson has been spending more time with us. I LOVE IT! Think I’ll just call him Mr. B. Technically he’s a “master” (under 16) but that’ll have to work.

My biggest problem with Mr. B, and he’s a WONDERFUL 4 year old, is that we share a bathroom.

He’s completely potty trained and -such- a good boy – but his aim sucks, for want of a better word. I’ve scrubbed urine off the seat, off the lid, both sides of the floor around the toilet, the shower curtain, the trash can, the side of the bathroom cabinet… Thankfully he’s too short to hit the ceiling. Aim is -important-!!!

It finally hit me. Some of my long-term memory came back.

The child needs a TARGET!

We now have a small bowl of Cheerios on the bathroom counter. Each time he “has to go” we put 3 Cheerios in the toilet and he aims for them – and has fun chasing them around. And I no longer have a wet, yucky, sticky seat.

Gotta love it!