18 March 2020

[MB McCart] - Glitchy Facebook, Cell Phone Service Issues & the Beautiful View From C-town

So Tuesday evening "Farcebook" went full-on DERP!!1! No "apparently," or "purportedly." I seen it! First-hand, baby.

Not really surprising, right?

You can't can on these folks, folks...

Cell Phone & Data Service

*see above. This is what happens when sh!t gets real. 

C-Town Representin'
As wouldn't be not expected from the greatest city, in the greatest county, of the greatest state of the greatest country on Earth, everything seems pretty damn fine.

Freedom, Liberty & Justice

And sure as hell glad to be here, in the home city, county & state, rather than NY, NYC, LA, California, Illinois or a whole lot of other places.

Pulling for 'em, though, especially the libertarian-leaning types amongst them.


Stay Safe & Well, Friends.