12 March 2020

[Perrin @ PerrinLovett.me] - Convenient Collapse Cover

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Last night, most out of character, I watched the Trump wheeze his way through the emergency declaration. Amid all the boasting, hand-washing advice, and huge-government spending spree, I noticed him reference the well-capitalized banks and the lack of a financial crisis. This theme has vied with the bug for the lead news lately. I took his words as code for the arrival of an economic depression. I’m not the only one making the connection:
Many have been talking about the markets and economic risks apparent in this country and around the world for a long time. I began sounding alarms before 2008, and since that time have attempted to make aware the fact that from an economic standpoint, the markets and the economy have become much worse, and more suspect ever since. After all the manipulation, the Quantitative Easing (QE), and the continued debt growth, it seemed apparent that a massive economic failure was likely in the future. Is that damning future about to come to fruition? Do the controlling powers that have created this likely economic disaster understand this, and seek to place blame on this new coronavirus outbreak as the cause of all financial ills to come? Was this new coronavirus (COVID-19) purposely created and released so that central bankers, investment bankers, corporate heads, and government puppets could use it as cover for an imminent economic collapse that has become impossible to contain? This in my opinion is a distinct possibility. Political convenience at this level is rarely accidental.
Healthy banks don’t need a $100 Bn+ transfusion every night (like vampires). It appears that – HEY LOOK! Tom Hanks and the NBA!