11 May 2020

[Bess Tuggle] - IMHO: The Week in Review, May 3 - 9, 2020

Id like to start with wishing ALL Mother’s a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!! Regardless of how you got those kids… Biological, step, adopted… Enjoy them! I know this year is different from most with social distancing. If you’ve got little ones, they’re probably driving you crazy by now. If you’ve got grown ones, their little ones are driving -them- crazy, along with you. It’s time for all dads to STEP UP! Skip the “breakfast in bed” routine. Mushy cereal, eggs (I’m -not- going to describe some that I’ve been served), sodden toast and limp bacon are not a pleasant meal to wake up to. DADS!!! Take the kids and let Mommy sleep in and -enjoy- some peace and quiet! Leaving a bottle of wine and some roses would be a nice touch. Just saying.

The local news is scant, at best.

“Covington to make decision on Stars and Stipes Fest” coming up. To be announced. The deadline for the decision is May 18th. Will there be a 4th of July celebration? Will it be delayed, or cancelled? We don’t know yet. The City and the County are both as wishy-washy. The school system, too. I don’t feel like we have any local leadership anymore, or anything to count on.

One that broke my heart was the Newton Citizen almost -begging- for help. They’re asking for subscriptions (I have one) and/or donations. I -hope- it doesn’t go under. I rely on my Citizen almost as much as my TPC!

Warm wishes go out to -ALL- our soon-to-be high school graduates! Even if you don’t walk the walk, you EARNED it! I hope you celebrate, and I welcome you to the adult world, such as it is. If you’ve made it this far the stars are there for your grasping. Reach out, grab one, and hold on tight! The world is yours to grasp now. GRAB it!

Until next week…