02 May 2020

[MBM] - TPC April Report: What Happened? "Mailin'-It-In-McCart?"; What's Going On w/ the Pub; Odds & Ends

Hey, guys! Hope all is well.

Well, my friends, unlike the last two monthly reports, this one isn't all roses & rainbows.

Let's break it down.

For starters, April of 2020 saw the lowest amount of posts at The Chronicles since November of 2019. Pageviews? Jeez, don't even ask (it actually wasn't that bad - not as good as March or February, but better than 95% of the almost 120 months of TPC's existence. Btw, we're celebrating our 10-yr anniversary next month!).

What can I say? Y'all know me?

But seriously, you know it's bad when your own Dad asks you when you're gonna get it back together.

"Been awful quiet lately. "

My Paw-in-Law-in-Law, Doc, told me the same thing the very next day...


It's not like they're paying for it or anything.

Mailing It In

So, again, in summation - the month of April was certainly a mail-in month for your marginally-esteemed editor. And I hate that, I really do. Thank the Big Lady upstairs for our contributing staff.

As an aside, & FWIW, I've been quite busy, really busier than I think I've ever been in my life, and I know -  especially w/ the current state of things - I'm very fortunate for that.


The numbers for TPC for the month of April of 2020, again, were surprisingly pretty damn good, considering. That speaks volumes, in this editor's estimation, to the caliber of the aforementioned contributing writing staff of this fine publication.

As always, we greatly appreciate you reading.

Also, I've decided for the first time in over a year to take on at least one or two local advertisers once again. Naturally I'll be reaching out to previous clients first.

But, definitely reach out if you're interested, though. If the price is right & all...


The Old Irish Bred Pub

What's going on? Well, per their alcohol petition, it's gonna be known as: "The Social Goat"


They're apparently out-of-towners, and based on the word 'round town, they're not really reaching out to anyone local about much of anything, so...maybe expect all of this to recycle in about two years?


odds & ends

OCHO, Inc. 

A lot of activity going on over on the west side of town.

No one seems to know much about it.


Local Government 

Once they finally stopped calling their emergency circle jerks, things turned out pretty okay.

Government, right?

What'cha gonna do...


Hope all is well,