29 May 2020

[Perrin Lovett] - Minnesota: From Lockdown To Burndown -and- Congratulations To The Class Of COVID-19

Ah, another major rewrite in the interests of providing up-to-date coverage of more current events. This column was originally drafted early, as the secondary title suggests, as a commencement address of sorts to the Corona’d Class of Twenty. I had some good wishes and advice in-store, which honestly, would have been largely ignored. (At eighteen I would not have followed most of what I wrote). Anyway, other things happened and are still unfolding. I’ll hold the graduation thoughts for another time, minus a few cogent points, below, and this: Congratulations, kids! We’re proud of you.

You might have heard about some unpleasantness in the Twin Cities and that such was spreading into other areas and states. Let’s discuss that with a little background:

1913: European communists colluded with American charlatans to create the Federal Reserve System. (Bear with me here). Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs) supplanted US Dollars as currency, which by the terms of the FR Act, they are not. This was and is blatantly unconstitutional. The ancient, dead Parchment was amended, however, so as to directly steal money in a necessary scheme to prop up the new and illegal bank, and to wrest from the Several States the last of their input power in Congress. Very few cared then or care now.

1913-1990: Minnesota, to include Minneapolis, has demographics part Scandinavia and part cheese wheel.

1990 - Present: Diversity flows into the State and particularly into Minneapolis and Saint Paul. We are told this is our greatest strength. (I'm getting there...)

2009: Special outsider activist and attorney Jacob Frey moves to Minneapolis from the Coastal East with the intention of becoming Mayor and assisting with the, uh, transformation.

2018: Frey was sworn in as Mayor. 

2010-2020(?): At some point within the past few years, Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin and local black resident George Floyd worked together at a Minneapolis Latino nightclub. They had to know each other. This is far from the only anomaly in this episode.

May (-June?) 2020: Police responded to a complaint that Floyd allegedly passed a counterfeit $20 bill at a local delicatessen. As we know, any and all “real” FRNs are counterfeit by their nature. The standard for proving malicious use of a counterfeit counterfeit is to show the suspect knew the bill was fake and intended to use it anyway. This is a relatively high standard and difficult to prove in court. Most such cases are dropped or pled down. In this case, Officer Chauvin responded along with at least three other officers, and as you’ve likely seen in the video, killed the unarmed, handcuffed, and seemingly compliant Floyd in what might best be described as a murder.

The four officers were rapidly fired amid an outrage. Local blacks, blacks in other areas, and many other people (Yours Truly included, maybe even you) are naturally incensed regarding the matter. However, things quickly become (more) violent and political.

Nation-healing interloper Frey plays all sides. On the one hand, he sues for peace while threatening military action in the event of (more) violence. On the other, he suggested the police would not have killed a white person under similar circumstances. He is either unaware of or chose to forget about Justine Ruszczyk, white, and shot dead by the Minneapolis police in 2017 when they responded to her 911 call. Your memory is okay: there were no White Lives Matter protests during the summer of 2017. Frey and other people continue to say more stupid things.

All hell breaks loose. Rioting in the Twin Cities makes international headlines. Violence spreads to other states. The National Guard is called in. Frey stokes. Trump Tweets. Some fool threatens to bring violence to the suburbs. (Some people in some of the burbs are waiting on him).

In a scene straight from the pages of Charles Sheehan-Miles’s novel Republic, a CNN crew broadcasts their own direct encounter with police brutality. They are arrested though later released. Ex-Officer Cauvin is then arrested. Real mobs gather around his house, facing off against his former co-workers, after some very funny business with a reporter and a rent-a-mob.

The protests, which look a lot like civil unrest or civil war, spread to New York, LA, Louisville, KY, Columbus, OH, et cetera.

That’s where we stood when I last checked Friday afternoon. In a few weeks, some of the same “protesters” who torched the Target, the AutoZone, the bank, and the liquor store will loudly yell about the lack of cheap merchandise, auto parts, cash, and Ripple in the neighborhood. There is no justice, really.

We’ve seen this before - truly shocking attacks that represent real injustice. However, agendas lurk everywhere, sensationalizing certain cases at the expense of others. And, let’s not bring in statistics about crime, police brutality, or who commits either against whom. Nobody likes numbers and charts.

Just as you’ve gotten used to wearing the fear masks, you might get used to this sort of nightly spectacle. Imagine it nationwide, thrice as intense, maybe with a few heavy bombing runs and some armor on the streets, and you’ll have a good mental image of a possible not-too-distant future. We hope for the best nonetheless.

Graduates, a little advice: 1) GET OUT OF THE CITIES! 2) Really consider moving somewhere remote, either here or abroad. You didn’t create this mess and you need not suffer the failures and stupidity of others. 3) Strongly consider what the great Ali once said about “bluebirds and redbirds.” 4) Develop a healthy distrust of governments and their cronies (especially international banksters).

Soon, hopefully, I’ll have the rest of the advice that I probably would not have heeded myself. And, soon and hopefully, we’ll have this episode in societal collapse behind us. ACAB? Some are, all are not; it’s the same with you, me, us, and them. Let’s not lose sight of the real challenge of our time: I saw plenty of masks but little social distancing in the riot news footage. We can do better. Zoomers, we're looking (proudly) at you.

Fellow Terry College of Business (UGA) grad Brother Perrin Lovett is a true renaissance gentleman & scholar. A recovering attorney, he's into guns & cigars, and the US Constitution. A published authorPrepper columnist & YouTube personality, and an acclaimed blogger, TPC is very proud to have our old friend on board as the C.F. Floyd Feature Writer of National Affairs

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