26 May 2020

[Bess Tuggle] - IMHO, The Week in Review: Welcome Back #148; More Concerns w/ Newton Co BOC

I’d like to start with a moment of silence for all that have given their -all- for our country. “Thank you” is not a worthy word for your service. There really isn’t a word to describe it. The best I can do is bow my head in respect to honor the best of our best.

WELCOME BACK #148!!! And THANK YOU for your service! Again, no words can describe my gratitude and respect.

There’s really not a whole lot left new to review, IMHO,

Covington’s 4th of July fest has been moved September 6th. Labor Day weekend. Be there, or be square! (I know that’s lame, but sometimes I can’t help it)

Layla Zon has been appointed to replace Sammy Ozburn as a Superior Court Judge. I don’t know how this happened. (In my best Forest Gump impression) That’s all I have to say about that.

The whopper of the week goes to our dear Newton County Commissioners! As our property taxes go up, they’re giving Lidl a $200,000 break in permitting and review fees. I WANT THAT DEAL!!! It doesn’t even stop there. Over the course of 9 years Lidl get’s to enjoy a tax-abatement deal. Taxes will be abated or reduced. For real property, the tax valuation will start at 5% in year one moving up to 90% in year nine. I’m more than willing to bet $1.00 (signed) that it will change names/company organizations before those “benefits” run out.

And I hope we all go out and vote.