20 May 2020

On the C-town Beat w/ MB: Square to Become Traffic Nightmare of Biblical Proportions? #COV "Messing Up"; Amici's Back! Odds & Ends

*Ed. note: never oversell the lede

Greetings, Good People, & welcome back...we're so glad you could attend. 

The Square

So the home city's been doing a little work on our beloved town square & folks - it ain't looking good. Well, aesthetically & visually, I think it will look pretty good, actually, but in terms of that ever-important traffic flow, I think we might've just screwed the pooch.

The changes made to the east side of the Square at the Church & Floyd intersection are going to cause one helluva bottleneck as now drivers will not be able to hit the inner lane & head west to avoid the back-up at the Floyd St stop sign. This, naturally, will have an adverse effect of the rest of the traffic pattern.

I think it's going to be just terrible, my friends. Just TERRIBLE!

And we won't even get into Pace St yet (we will though).

The City of Covington 

It's pretty much a consensus view that the current council has really mucked things with the whole Main St/ED/??? change. Not only is it a big damn mess, but it's actually going to cost MORE money than it did previously (and w/ the Vogtle utility increases, not to mention the CPC [Communist Party of Covington] giveaways, get ready for a big, thick, throbbing tax increase).

But hey - at least we took back our city, so there's that.

Also, the 4th of July's been cancelled, which, actually, seems fitting given the current state of things.


And then there's Fleeta.

It's May of 2020; she's not even 5 months in.

I almost feel sorry for her...


That magical spot on College Ave is finally back open for business! This writer made a point to swing by yesterday for a quick one to celebrate their reopening, as I did again today. I believe the Gentlemen's Club will be meeting tomorrow afternoon as well. Remember to try the Ranch & to tip handsomely!

Odds & Ends 

Moe's is closed, as is Long John Silver's & presumably Ross. Look for several more businesses to fold over the coming weeks & months.

What a shame.


Okay for now, stay safe & well. 

MB McCart