05 May 2020

[Perrin Lovett] - Mission to Destroy Western Civilization Rebrands Under COVID-19: Understanding the Satanic Schooling Movement

Well, well, another week and more national affairs. Hang up the spacesuit, adjust your Halloween mask, grab a refreshing glass of Clorox, and let’s once again discuss the state of the schools. 

Last week we examined the ongoing collapse and gave thought to the future. This week is much the same, except we begin with a word or three from the loyal opposition. My title today is a rewording of Mission to Destroy Public Education Rebrands Under COVID-19: Understanding the Christian Homeschooling Movement, by one Chrissy Stroop. “Chrissy” looks a whole lot like “she” may have started out as a Christopher and is, uh, transitioning. It has a Ph.D. in Russian history - lemme guess, a big fan of Trotsky?? - and doesn’t seem to think well of Christians or Christ or anyone slightly to the right of old Leon. My guess is that it hates God because it blames God for its illness. So, it has resorted to “logic and science,” except, of course, for the logical science of sexual biology, transcranial magnetic therapy, or lithium bio-chemistry. 

However, this hateful, projecting, and deeply mentally-ill man did give me an idea. Its repetitive and derisive language about the “Christian Right” - and that is what my side is, thanks - made me realize what the other side is. Meet the Satanic Left. That’s really all there is to Xir Stroop’s article. I can’t criticize him, uh her, or … whatever, directly. But, in general, that faction’s biggest gripe about the current shutdown is the lack of direct access to the kiddies, whom they view by-and-large as targets and snacks. Sadly, they’ve had to resort to sneaking around the public parks (where opened) for their thrills. Yeah...

You were warned about the “Satanic Left,” in the schools, before:

Towards the end of class, a boy asked Tom a simple and direct question: ‘Why are our schools so bad?’ …

He looked the boy in the eye and without hesitation said, ‘Because they’re run by feminists, queers, and communists.’ … Later, he almost kicked himself: ‘“Feminists, queers, and globalists” would have been more accurate. Or, just “satanists…”’ He let it go.

Homeschoolers and Christians did not ruin the government’s (that’s who runs them, Xir Stroop) schools. The government and the Satanists did. And, holy hell, they did a fine job of it. They’ve destroyed themselves, Stroopy. Just in time for this article, I have new (and NOT improved) statistics!!! The “Nation’s Report Card” for Civics, Geography, and History is now out, courtesy of the National Center for Education Statistics 2018 NEAP Report

First, the good news: these people are consistent if nothing else. The national scores in the various social studies mirror those results in reading, math, and science. And there is nothing else - except total and complete failure. Thanks to the efforts of the Satanic Left, only 15% of Eighth-graders are proficient in history - with similarly dismal results in the other subjects. And, that’s based on their weak standards and even weaker instruction. 

Embedded deep somewhere in those findings, one will come across graphs showing the “progress” from 1994 until 2018. This is the modern period of all the fads like No Child, Common Core, STEM, STEAM, and the Rainbow Delusion. Trillions of dollars spent and millions of souls crushed and what’s the result? Nothing. Fifteen percent proficiency. Failure. 

They take the big measurements in the Fourth, Eighth, and Twelfth grades. I’ve noted before that, in most subjects, there is a drop in proficiency as the child advances towards graduation - as if the schooling itself increases ignorance. That’s most subjects; in the other subjects, there is virtually no change over an entire generational period. Fifteen percent understanding with a ninety percent graduation rate. God can’t do any better?

Again, it’s not the money. Two years ago, I compared Mexican school literacy rates (94%) to those in the Detroit government schools (7%) (SEVEN % !!!) (and that beat Detroit’s math rate of 5%...). I ran the math on spending Detroit’s way to success:

Working, toying with the myth that increased funding raises test scores (and, presumably, learning retention), to get Detroit up to Mexican levels of literacy, they would need to spend about $189,000 per student per year. Over 13 years, K – 12, that’s $2,457,000 – without compounding any interest. It might be, if it was affordable, better to just set that sum aside for each “student” in an idiot trust.

They can’t read, write, add, or think. It’s no surprise that the poor victim children know little of history. They’re never taught nor encouraged to learn on their own. Here’s publik skool herstory in a nutshell: The Big Bang gave us the miracle of Evolution, leading fish to walk on land and the Egyptians to build the Pyramids, which may or may not have flown. After the Holocaust, everybody died because of AIDS, uh climate change … no, because of Corona. God is dead. Long live the rainbow!

That won’t cut it. Of the NEAP failure, US Secretary of Education (not in your beloved Constitution), Betsy DeVos, said, “We cannot continue to excuse this problem away. Instead, we need to fundamentally rethink education in America.” People, including DeVos, who cannot think, cannot “rethink.” NEAP’s own Peggy Carr said something very stupid about “democracy.” I think Mr. Ironsides was on to a few things…

Back to the here and now, read THIS STORY. As things are, many parents around the nation-shaped kind of place are having a rough go of homeschooling. If only they had more faith in Trotsky and less in God… Said a frustrated mother, Alexandra Nicholson of Massachusetts: “We tried to make it work the first week. We put together a schedule, and what we found is that forcing a child who is that young into a fake teaching situation is really, really hard.” Yes! Yes, that’s the problem, babydoll! Forcing a child into a fake teaching situation is more than just hard, it’s sinful. And, it’s what the “schools” normally do every day of the year. And, Mrs. Nicholson, it would be much better to just let your son play outside. This predicament is possibly the result of poorly educated Gen-X and Millennial parents forced into attempting that which they were never prepared for - the blind leading...

Seventy-two percent of parents say they are concerned that their children will fall behind - because of what the virus did… How can you fall behind 15% or 7% proficiency?! Again, this is a great chance and hope for change. That’s what has the Stroops of the world so frightened. We can obviously do better. Much better. But, it will take a little work on the part of the parents and the children (and, again, with any of the good teachers who will help). It will require us to scrap forever those systems and “experts” who intentionally created this mess. It can be done. This may be the greatest contribution of the Corona Hoax.

Another benefit may be the departure from the modern college racket. Why only skip this fall’s semester or the 2020-21 year? Why ever go into the pound of flesh slavery for four to six years of drugs, weight gain, and incoherent Marxist social engineering and very little else? Today, in the current year, a college education is a severe waste - and worse - for all but a small handful of individuals, at a few select colleges, who major in a few select fields. For the majority, it’s only higher debt, without higher (or lower) education. It ain’t worth it! There are many better alternatives. 

One of them may be the brand new Harmel Academy, as recommended by a commentator at Vox Day’s superior blog. Harmel is a two-year trade school, on the campus of a Christian college (sorry, Xir Stroop) in Michigan. It incorporates a traditional humanities curriculum into a program that forges future electricians, welders, machinists, and computer techs. The price? $18,550 a year for everything - tuition and board. That’s the cost of a semester’s tuition alone at many of the indoctrination centers. A Harmel student should emerge better educated than most Big State or even (Poison) Ivy League victims. And, he’ll be ready to start working in fields which sometimes pay at or near six-figures in the entry levels. 

A plausible scenario: “Joe” goes to Harmel and becomes a well-rounded plumber around the time his peers are stumbling into the second or third year of Big Debt U. He starts making $80,000 a year doing a respectable job that is always in high demand. He can afford to marry “Suzie” and allow her to stay home and raise their children. More than 2.3 children. The 5 or 6 children of Joe and Suzie grow up happy, well-adjusted, debt-free, and steeped in classical Christian education. They move on and repeat the cycle. Something resembling an older America starts to take shape. Western Civilization lives! God wins! Satan, ever the loser, loses.