23 May 2021

2021 Newton Co. Tax Assessments: Insane. Incorrect &...Possibly Illegal?

By: MB McCart, Editor 

Folks, the Newton Co. notices of assessments for real property have just come out & it's worse than anyone could've imagined. 

Here in the Historic North Covington Community, fair market value went up 50% in ONE year per the home county's tax assessor's office. 

I've seen documentation from several others where increases range from 24% (the lowest I've seen), to more frequently on up to approx 50% to 80% to 100% & OVER 100%. 

One year valuation increases, mind you. 

Yeah, the market's been hot lately. We all know this. But what the current Newton Co. Tax Commissioner's office is responsible for (and it IS ultimately the Tax Commish themselves. The Assessor is selected & serves at the pleasure of that constitutional officer) is nothing short of egregious & unacceptable. 

The methodology used for these assessments will have to be heavily, heavily scrutinized. At first glance, one has to wonder if Newton Co. is guilty of breaking state law. Sales Chasing. Intentionally trying to drive up market values. 

We - & several others - are sure as hell gonna be keeping an eye on it. 

But, I'll go ahead & say this: EVERYBODY needs to appeal. We need to hold up the budget process. Make the BOC pass monthly extensions for AS LONG AS IT DAMN WELL TAKES.