11 May 2021

Perrin Lovett - Nationalism Rising: Martel 2022

 Who knows? Maybe it will happen on October Tenth, the 1,289th anniversary of the time they dropped the hammer on that other Muhammadan invasion of France. It might be next year. The exact date is unforeseeable, but it’s coming. Tours 2.0.

Welcome to another inspirational, great news column! If you happen to be reading this at TPC and have no idea what I’m talking about, then here’s a DELIGHTFUL ALTERNATIVE to today’s missive of hope. Everyone else, kindly read the Generals’ Letter and the Soldiers’ Letter. I’ll pause for a few minutes…

Now, if you have trouble reading French and can’t seem to operate Goolag’s super-simple translator, then please just watch the DELIGHTFUL ALTERNATIVE. It might be fun to watch it regardless. Seriously, it’s good. Chair envy, anyone?

As I said, it’s coming. It’s going to happen whether the hell Macron, Soros, satan, the invading hordes, or you like it or not. France will continue to exist for the French. Europe will exist for Europeans. The West will prevail!

The generals caught hell for daring to state the plain truth about the grave circumstances in and of their nation. It’s a miraculous testament to their fortitude, tinged with civ-nattery as it is, that they signed their names. Homoglobo, Paris is mighty angry with them. Accordingly, the younger rank and file men, in their similar alarm-ringing, opted for anonymity. The luciferian traitors have condemned them. The people have not. Already, close to ten million ordinary citizens have read the Soldiers’ Letter and hundreds of thousands of them have signed on in support.

These people have had it. There is a rage barely contained. The French are sick of walking the streets of Paris and Marseille and thinking they’re in Atlanta-stan. 

Predictions are dangerous things. I’ll just rattle off a few possibilities. First, these letters may well represent notice of a military coup. You cretins made this mess. We’re about to clean it up. In that case, look for rapid repatriation of the foreign invaders and/or other restorative measures. Second, the foregoing may sync nicely with a Le Pen victory next spring. In that case, look for rapid action against the violent, incompatible primitives. Third, the French Dark State may intend to pull a “Biden” style election fraud next year. In that case, look for Military intervention of the Burmese variety, a Le Pen Presidency, and rapid action. There are other possibilities. One way or another.

More could and will happen, of course. What will the rest of the Continent do when the party starts? Given that nationalism is raging and rising everywhere, the answer is probably, “not much.” England and Germany could, but probably will not intervene. There will be no third fratricidal farce war fought on behalf of the reverse-colonizing third-world. In fact, when it starts in France (or elsewhere), look for the fire to spread quickly to other infected nations. 

“Biden,” enamored of foreign influence as evidenced by his cabinet choices and policies, could attempt some latter-day Morgenthau Massacre. However, and honestly, his empire no longer has the power to project that kind of force or influence. And he might be surprised at the problems which would immediately develop on the homefront. Immediately.

It’s worth noting that the composition of France's military is slightly different from that of Amerika’s. France’s soldiers are French. They execute combat operations instead of getting free sex changes, crashing their own ships, or kidnapping busloads of school children. What’s going to happen in Western Europe will be much more expedient and much less complicated than what’s happening in that strange area between Mexico and Canada. The worst-afflicted, most converged nations - France, Germany, Sweden, UK, et cetera - are still hyper-majority native in terms of their populations. France is over 90% French. Generationally, the Millennials and Zoomers of France, the “generation(s) of fire,” are more galvanized than their Amerikan peers. French Gen Xers are a little more engaged. French Boomers are not the plague their corresponding Amerikan Woodstock mud-rompers are. The mature by and large have the backs of the young. All of them still know their culture. They’re mad as hell about its siege and potential destruction. They’re ready to fight to reclaim it. They’re able. They. Will. Win.

Dieu sauve la France! Dieu sauve l'Occident!

*Notes: My original column idea was a proposal for hunting down and eradicating the war criminals behind the Coronahoax. We’ll get to that, literarily and jurisdictionally. Also, you may have gathered that something is wrong with the 2020 Census. I’d like to examine the numbers, but, for reasons likely related to the terminal decline, they won’t be available for some time. We’ll get to that too, roundabout. Stay tuned.

- Perrin Lovett

CF Floyd Feature Writer of Affairs National