24 May 2021

Newton Co. Tax Situation: Call to Action & Plan of Attack

By: MB McCart, Ed. 

So it becomes more & more apparent with the notices of assessments that have been going out that the valuations of real property in the home county are completely out-of-control & ridiculous. 

So, what to do? 

The biggest thing will likely be for as many property owners as possible to file appeals (I will cover that a little bit later in the piece). 

The first step?

Raise a Ruckus! 

Start w/ your representation on the Newton Co. BOC

BOC 1 - Stan Edwards: 678-294-9166

BOC 2 - Demond Mason: 678-544-5212

BOC 3 - Alana Sanders: 678-532-8228

BOC 4 - JC Henderson: 770-896-3826

BOC 5 - Ronnie Cowan: 678-313-4607

Then, go ahead a let Tommy Craig fanboy & the new Newton Co. Tax Commissioner, Marcus Jordan, know how unimpressed you are: 

Marcus Jordan
Newton County Tax Commissioner

Main Office
1113 Usher Street Suite 101
Covington, Georgia 30014

Phone: 770-784-2020
Fax: 770-784-2019
Email: taxoffice@co.newton.ga.us

Office Hours:
Property: Monday – Friday 8:00AM – 4:45PM
Motor Vehicles: 8:00AM – 4:45PM

And most important! Reach out to the Tax Assessor's office: 

Chief Appraiser: Martie Kinard | 

P.(770) 784-2030 - F.(770) 784 2162 | 

Hours: M-F - 8am to 4:45pm

*TPC recommends being civil & respectful w/ these communications

The Appeals Process: 

Remember: Time is of the Essence! And we need as many folks as possible filing appeals. 

When you file an appeal, the Board of Tax Assessors reviews it and determines whether a change in the valuation is warranted. If no change is made, it will then go to the next level of appeal, the Board of Equalization. Its specific function is to hear unresolved appeals from taxpayers. After hearing both the assessors and the taxpayer's position, the Board of Equalization renders a decision on the valuation.

If either side disagrees with the decision of the Board of Equalization, the taxpayer or the assessor may proceed to the next level of appeal, Newton County Superior Court.