17 May 2021

MBM: MORE Madam Coroner; Teaser on Future Neely Farms Piece

By: MB McCart, Ed. 

Que Pasa, Hombres & Hombrettes & sure hope it's marvelous out there. 

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For me, as a Citizen Journalist/Muckraker/Pot-Stirrer/Ant-Hill-Kicker, every so often there comes along a public official that just continues to blow away any & all (BAD) expectations. In my many years of doing this, I think the one & only one - Ms Madam Coroner - has truly reached #NextLevel status. I so love that & at the same time am absolutely concerned by it.

Duality of Man, maybe? 

Oh well & regardless, here's the latest: 

- that allegedly Madam Coroner has sent official communications to Newton Co. that she wants to opt out of the county healthcare benefits & is asking the home county to cut her a check for approx $9K to pay for her own insurance. As I understand, those county benefits are pretty dang good. And nine grand for a year's worth of insurance? 

- that purportedly Madam Coroner has asked for additional funding for follow-up work related to cases from the end of last year (routine tasks that a county coroner often has to do) because, apparently, "she can't wrap her mind around" the concept of the county government's fiscal year (July 1 - June 30) vs a calendar year.


- and finally: that supposedly Madam Coroner just got another complaint for improperly discharging her duties. This time from Piedmont Newton medical center. As I'm told from a verifiable, inside source - this complaint has been sent from the county attorney to the Georgia's Coroner Association. One has to wonder if that now Madam Coroner has attended her training, will this group will do what it's legally & ethically required to do? To safeguard the public interest & welfare? Well, Dear Readers, what do you think? 


So the Neely property on the new-cut road has been quite the thing here lately. Clearing out the trees & putting the earth moving equipment on the premises definitely sent a message as did Phil Johnson's press release Covington News article. 

He's a pro at "framing the narrative" & he always has been. 

With a little bit of luck, my sincere hope is that my expansive think-piece (that's already north of a thousand words) will, once it hits, basically piss off EVERYBODY.

Well, with station, rank & aim for a goal - as well as some good ole fashioned collegiate gusto - I'm going to do my best to make that a reality. 

As always, thanks for reading. 

Your Friend, 

MB McCart