15 May 2021

Ellis "Da" Millsaps: Reset

  For the past year I've gone off track from my several works in progress here. I couldn't get interested in the adventures of young Da while a pandemic swept the world and there was a strong movement afoot to overthrow the American republic.

 I think I am turning a corner and I feel optimistic for my country despite what they do in Texas. I'll be getting my second covid shot in two weeks and it should soon be safe for Bruce and Bob to rejoin me on the porch. The cranky English major will return. For now I'll offer some random thoughts that might not warrant an entire essay.

 Democrats should stop bitching about Joe Mangum and praise the Lord that they have a Democratic senator from West Virginia. He's likely the only person in the world that could pull that off.

 Nobody caught the regular flu this season likely because of covid precautions.

 I haven't read anything longer than a Piedmont post or an email in the past year. Sorry Perrin and Mr. Tolstoy. I'm correcting that.

 The holdup in the Floyd murder trial to add third degree murder charges would not happen in Georgia. ( What's really happening in Minnesota is that the prosecution is getting worried and hedging its bets.) In Georgia they would only need to ask for this lesser included offense before the jury is charged to accomplish that end.

 Why are there so many “white nationalists” in Michigan, a Yankee state? My theory on that is that along with the black migration north post World War II many working class white southerners migrated to work in the booming post-war auto industry. (“Last night I went to sleep in De-troit city”) Think maybe it's partly their progeny plotting to kidnap the governor?

 I was skeptical that the Biden administration could achieve its goal of one hundred million vaccinations in one hundred days. They’ve doubled that.

 Around twenty years ago Republicans became concerned about “voter fraud.” They knowingly told this lie with no one believing it to the point that when Trump came along lying was  established as a party plank.

“ I'm from the government and I'm here to help.” Reagan made that a laugh line. Today Americans hear that phrase and say “Thank God.” 

- Ellis Millsaps