26 May 2021

MB McCart: An Open Letter to Madam Coroner w/ an ***UPDATE***

I posted this around lunchtime here at TPC but didn't share it to social media. I was out of pocket for a few hours & then later saw that Madam Coroner announced on social media that she was going to rescind her resignation. Soon thereafter, however, and it appears that her resignation, since it was already tendered & accepted, cannot be taken back & that Probate Judge Melanie Bell will be swearing in Tommy Davis tomorrow morning as the county's interim Coroner until a special election can be held. 

Again, as the world turns, Newton Co, GA, USA...


Dear Madam Coroner, 

Your rambling, borderline-incoherent letter of pending resignation from May 25, 2021 read like a primer for How To Avoid Individual Responsibility at all costs. 

The Woman About to Be Formerly Known as Madam Coroner
Dorothea Bailey-Butts

I'm tempted to just let it go at that. 

But, no. 

First off, let's talk about your claims & accusations of racism as being the reason why you're resigning. Ah yes, the old race card. Well, let's delve in. 

Sheriff Ezell Brown, a black man, is now in his 13th year as serving as the most powerful constitutional officer in the home county. BOC Chairman Marcello Banes, also a person of color, is now in his 5th year as the highest elected representative of Newton County & the tenure of BOC Rep JC Henderson, an African-American, would be in its 4th year of legal drinking age if it were a person (25 years). 

So...that's all obviously crap. I know. it; most black folks around here know it & deep down inside - YOU know it, too. 

As to the slashed tires claim, based on inside sources, that was thoroughly debunked per video evidence. You simply lied, Madam Coroner. 

And the "live bullets?" I don't even know what that's about; I think that's a new one; however, nobody in their right mind would believe a word you say at this point anyway. 

Racism is not to blame here, nor was it lack of training or anything to do w/ the previous Coroner's office. No Ma'am. No, it all has to do w/ you apparently just being a horrible person w/ a chip on your shoulder the size of Texas while being devoid of any sense of compassion & empathy who simply could not do the job. 

The Hwy 212 incident; the suicide of the teenager; the Hampton Inn incident & then the kicker: your most recent failure at discharging your duties:

The events that transpired at Piedmont Newton. 

And, really, isn't that why you're resigning now, Ms Bailey-Butts? Your goose was cooked & you were about to get bounced out of office. This was a way to save face for you, but it doesn't. It just makes you look even worse. 

Good riddance to bad rubbish & thank the Good Lord that our long 5-month county nightmare is about to be over. 


Marshall "MB" McCart 

***Updated*** P.S. Look lady, don't go away mad, just go the hell away.