24 December 2019

[Bess Tuggle] - Memoirs of Surviving Children: A Moment That Fills Your Heart Full

It all started at the State Fair in Perry, Georgia…

Close your eyes and envision an old Chevy Chase station wagon – filled with little kids.  Not just kids.  Little BOYS!  The station wagon had the imitation paneling on the sides and 10, count them, TEN seat belts!  That was enough seat belts to keep the kids distanced far enough apart from killing each other on this particular road trip!  Helped more than Benadryl.

After getting to the State Fair, I was faced with a bunch of tired, grouchy, grumbling kids.  A little bit of sugar helped, but they were still testy.  Coca-Cola can only do so much.

Entering the fair, they all started to perk up.  Heaven help me.  Thing 4 was still on my hip, Thing 3 held my hand, and Thing 2 and 1 used it to their advantage to get away with as much as possible.  (For those that don’t remember, or know, I nick named my kids after the Things in Dr. Seuss’s “The Cat in the Hat.”)

Going through the fair turned into a disappointment for my Things.  I worked at a ranch.  They weren’t interested in cows or equipment, hay or bailers, horses..  I had chickens and pigs at home.  They weren’t interested in looking at pies or pickles they couldn’t eat…

We finally came to ONE display that caught the interest of the Things.

I don’t even remember what kind of tractor the display was promoting.  The tractor was red, very pretty, and had a small pedal version of their tractors at the front of their display.  That was all she wrote for Thing 2.

He got on it, peddled around and around with the biggest smile on his face while I was trying to keep up with him, baby on the hip, and two older brothers on the loose until it was time to leave the booth.  Thing 3 had to leave his tractor.

The child didn’t just cry.  He -sobbed-.  Not alligator tears, these were the end of the rope, I can’t live -without- it kinda tears.  It broke my heart to see his heart broken so bad.  There are some things kisses and hugs just can’t fix.

A few months later, -I- got a surprise!

I put some of my time to good use while my Things were somewhat occupied at that one booth at the State Fair.  I filled out a raffle ticket for that lil’ pedal tractor in each and every one of our names.

    I won it.

    To this day, that is still one of my most cherished Christmas memories.  I got to watch one of my children open, and enjoy, their Heart’s desire.

    I hope everyone has at least one moment that fills your heart that full over the Christmas holidays.

    Happy Sparkles, ya’ll!!!

- Bess Tuggle