15 December 2019

[Fred Wheeler] - First They Came After...

Oh no,

This is the beginning of the famous quote of Martin Moeller describing the process of the capitulation of German society to the Nazies.

It's here. folks. The governor of Virginia proposes infanticide. A Virginia legislator proposes that the state national guard confiscate all the weapons in private hands in the state. The Democrats are impeaching President Trump because we deplorables had the audacity  to elect him. The FBI interferes in a presidential election.

Do you know who Bruce Ohr is and that he still is employed by the FBI? Do you know what FISA stands for? Do you know what judges sit on the FISA court?

Neither do I. We live in a country run by the Deep State. More proof of this is that half of the top ten counties in the country that have the highest per capita income are suburbs of Washington D.C.

I don't like Senator Ben Sasse because he hardly misses a chance to criticize President Trump, but he has stumbled on the truth.

Take time to watch this video and it will scare you.

We have a problem. It can only be curtailed by repeal of the Patriot Act. The FISA courts need to be abolished. Anybody who thinks they can exist and not be abused by law enforcement agencies is kidding himself.