02 December 2019

[Bobby L. Nettles] - In Re the Emerson Polling Showing Surging African-American Support For Trump

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Polling Suggests Changing Political Demographic Dynamics Are Occurring at National Level 

A Commentary by TPC Guest Writer, Bobby Nettles

A new Emerson poll shows 34.5 percent of black registered voters support the president, up from 17.8 percent a month earlier. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 8.3 points. Rasmussen shows the president with 34 percent approval from blacks. NPR has it at 33%.
That's up from 8.0% on election day.
It's insulting to wonder with shock and horror how this is happening after 50+ years of broken promises and blacks being taken for granted by Democrats.
Why WOULDN'T it be happening?
Trump signed the most consequential criminal justice reform bill in decades and is presiding over an economy that has delivered rising incomes and jobs to even the most vulnerable Americans, like ex-felons as an example. The poverty rate is at the lowest level since 2001 and fell last year by 0.9 percent among blacks. Black unemployment is at record low levels and in recent years, gains in median household income for blacks have exceeded those of whites in most metropolitan areas.
Here's the dirty little secret most Dems are trying to ignore -
MOST black voters tend to be more conservative than the modern incarnation of the intersectional, progressive, one might say SOCIALIST, Democratic Party.
While Warren and Mayor Pete are busily rounding up progressive primary voters, they are leaving many blacks behind. Neither can seem to get much of any support from blacks.
Biden is leading with that group. Some of his popularity no doubt stems from having served as vice president to President Obama, but it is also because Biden is the most moderate of the Democratic candidates. WSJ/NBC polling shows “the percentage of white voters describing themselves as very liberal or liberal is roughly twice as large as the percentage of black voters who do so.”
Soooooo... The Democratic Party has LITERALLY devolved into the party of elitist, puritan, intolerant, whites then? The moderate voices of black Democratic voters being summarily ignored as the party races to the left - because, let's face it... Blacks are yet again being taken for granted in the Democratic Party.
This new polling data so alarmed Trump critics that a horrified CNN host described the two new polls as “fake” and sarcastically suggested that only Kanye West and Ben Carson had been surveyed.
(((Har har har har)))
In other words - blacks are still dehumanized as a political commodity to those on the left and any black with the temeritous inclination of free thought is scorned and derided.
Telling, no?
How condescending, and indeed racist must one be to ascribe an entire race singular political characterizations, then to dare call individuals, 'stupid', 'uninformed', 'racists', or best of all 'white supremacists' (by whites no less) for daring to stray from the political plantation on which you've been placed?
A landslide is coming.. can you hear it?

Bobby Nettles
Strong Boy, Trivia Titan & Athenian Robert Lee "Bobby" Nettles is a Cane Corso enthusiast & Friend to Freedom who simply calls 'em like he seems 'em.  

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