31 December 2019

The 2019 State of The Piedmont Chronicles (SOTPC) Address by Its Editor, MB McCart

By: MB McCart, Editor

[State of GA]
[Newton Co.]

(North Covington | 12/31/19) -

To our Friends, fellow GA Piedmonteers, TPCers, various members of the Citizenry; unorganized, and organized, members of the GA Militia Districts & Civil Defense Force; to all Newtonians, Covingtonians, Porterdalians, Mansfieldians & Newbornites (and what the hell - Oxford, too); to the good folks of Rocky Plains & to the residents of Gum Creek; to the Stewart Community, Brick Store, Hazelbrand, Leakton, Snapping Shoals, Red Oak, Texas Alley & all points in between, it is with great honor & humble pride that I report the following...

The State of the Piedmont Chronicles is Strong, My Friends, Very Strong Indeed!

And with all of us working together, we can achieve our truest hearts' desires & see all of our hopes & dreams come true, one kick-ass, dopealicious, gangsta-lean write-up at a time. We do this for our continued general welfare, and for that of our Prosperity & Liberty.

Our relationship is one of mutual benefit, symbiotic in its shared purpose, results & desiring.

My friends, I truly believe our best days are yet ahead, and that 2020 will be the greatest one yet.

Thank you, to each & every one of you, thank you!


My friends, again, the state of The Chronicles is strong.

2019 has continued the tradition of the last four years, that of a continuous raising of the bar.

A few particulars:

- the most posts in a year in our history

- the most page views & impressions in our history

- and, in my opinion, the greatest overall body of work ever in our history

There's simply no two ways about, it is clearly known to many that the only way this came to pass was due to our contributing writer staff:

Kayla Leasure

Perrin Lovett

Ellis Millsaps

And last - but certainly not least - the one & only Bess Tuggle.

Also to our secondary contributors: Melissa Morgan Parker & Alisa J.S. Brown

And, as well, to our guest columnists: Mr. Fred Wheeler, Andy Allen, Ryan Ralston* (see below), Bobby L. Nettles & Corry Oakes.


The Road Ahead

Some exciting news. We have two major announcements.

*As mentioned on the site's FB last night, Mr. Ryan Ralston has joined Team TPC as its primary Correspondent as well as a Contributing Writer.

And Ms. Bess Tuggle is now Chief Staff Writer & naturally remains a Contributing Writer.

Ellis remains Editor Emeritus & Kayla as Assistant Editor.


And finally, the key to the whole thing, obviously, is You - the Readership of The Piedmont Chronicles. Nothing happens without you. So, from the bottom of our hearts - Thank You!

As always, ever in Liberty,

- MB McCart