23 December 2019

Happy Festivus 2019: MB McCart's Annual Airing of Grievances

It's December 23rd, folks, so that means it's time for the...

 The Annual TPC Festivus Airing of Grievances

2019 Edition 

In no particular order...
  • Once again, the Covington Stormwater Utility taxes fees. Now that we've got Horton, Fleeta & Don't, I guess we can expect those to be gone by March of 2020 (and the hairdressers' recently reduced $25 occupational tax fee to now be reduced to zero). 
  • Speaking of Horton & Fleeta, as I've told a few folks recently, I'm willing to give them both a fair shake, maybe for about a month or so. I sure hope they're ready...
  • As for Floyd, he gets no fair shake, nor does he get benefit of the doubt. Hell no. Sounds like he was really quite something on the campaign trail. Lies, lies, lies. Actions have consequences, people. That's the way it should be. 
    • And a follow up with our new Covington council. Nothing short of a major property tax decrease (at least 15%) with the upcoming budget will be considered a total & absolute failure. So, again, I hope these people are ready for the challenge, but I somehow doubt it. 
  • Newton Co - Oh, my, the grievances I have with this particular political subdivision, my friends. Let me just count the ways: 
    • The Sheriff is still paying Tommy Craig hundreds of thousands of dollars per annum. 
    • We still only have one Republican on the BOC, as Ronnie Cowan is still an honorary Democrat, and we had yet another tax increase this year, surely to be followed by another one when they set the new millage in about six months. 
    • That the Newton Co. BOC recently appointed Mr. Super Duper Democrat, Phil Johnson, to the non-partisan post of Chairman of the Board of Elections. 
    • Barbara Dingler...well, at least she's out of there now. I maybe have some positive feelings about Dana Darby, her replacement. I'm supposed to be having a sit-down interview with her sometime in January. So stay tuned for that. 
    • But how 'bout folks that don't pay their damned property taxes? 
    • Speaking earlier of Tommy Craig, based on the recent numbers I've seen for legal services for the BOC, all we've done is exchanged one Tommy Craig for another. There is a serious, serious issue with how the Newton Co. government works, one that needs to be addressed thoroughly in the very near future. 
    • And many more issues...
  • My ole pal, A-A-Ron Brooks. "What an Asshole," right? He never calls me anymore. Whaddup wit dat?
  • Jason Pye, because, Jason Pye, and because, this is Festivus.
  • The traffic light at Elm & Floyd finally got some attention. It's better now. That's a win; however, the light at Pace & Usher is still wreaking havoc on the soul of Covington. And Pace St? What in the actual F*@#? There is going to be a turn lane, right? Otherwise, it's going to be the biggest mess we've ever seen. 
  • And in the name of all that is holy, why are these people still trying to turn left onto 278 from Floyd St?! Can't we do something? Couldn't we just maybe have a one day purge where we have the legal right to pull these abominations from their vehicles & beat them unmercifully? (and only the people with Newton Co. tags, I can appreciate the fact that out-of-towners just don't know any better). 
  • And while we're talking about driving & traffic, again, these people that have a certain tag on their car...as a rule, most of them simply should NOT be driving & I'll just leave it with that. 
  • I still say do away with most traffic laws, stop signs & lights, and let's just see what happens. 
  • And I know I sound like a broken record, but these people running in the streets! My God! GET. ON. THE. DAMN. SIDEWALK!!!1!
  • And the golf carts. Just get in a damn car! 
  • And the bicyclists. Just get in a damn car! 
  • The MAGA folk. 
    • You're really starting to wear on my nerves. 
  • The Never Trumpers. 
    • You're really starting to wear on my nerves. 
  • And the old standbys: 
    • Tribalism in American Politics. Team Red vs. Team Blue. Who wins? Who loses? Who cares?
    • The fact that marijuana is not totally & full-on legal in every way. More specifically - Legalize It Like Tomatoes! No onerous regulations, while stopping the current attempts by the olde model cabal/power elite & corporatists' to take total control & turn it into another big pharma-style cartel. 
    • The fact that there are so many who just don't get it. In a word, it's freedom. As Locke spoke of, it is truly our natural state, and until we get the government that matches our essence, we will always have major problems & issues. Freedom works. It always has & it always will. 

  • And of course - JC Henderson
He's Dumber Than He Looks, Folks.

Happy Festivus, Everyone!