12 February 2021

[Updated 2/19/21] 5 O'Clock Bar & Grill: Recent Changes; Meet Chef George & Try the Huli Sauce! -- A TPC Business Profile by Kayla La'sure & MB McCart


A TPC Business Profile

By Kayla La'sure & MB McCart

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UPDATE 2/19/21 -- An updated Music Minute at the end of the article. 


Assoc. Ed. note: 

Hey guys! So glad you've joined us for this long awaited piece. On behalf of Marshall & myself, thanks so much for reading! And if you like food like we do, then you've got to hit The Five soon! - KGL


Good Food, Good Friends, Good Times
(and good drinks!)

Five O'Clock Sports Bar & Grill, which has been Covington's premier music venue for going on two decades, is now, quite very possibly, its best food destination as well! 

Though known by many to have much more than the usual bar fare for the last several years, Greg & the Gang have taken it up a few notches with the hiring of the new Executive Chef for the establishment - the one & only George! 

Mahalo from Chef George! 

I'll briefly turn it over to our "semi-esteemed" (and that's putting it nicely, right? hahaha!) Editor, Mr. MB McCart, as he interviewed Chef recently... 


Thx, Kayla (I think...?) 

So, yes, I had a chance to talk w/ George the other day & I greatly enjoyed it. 

First off, he is such a righteous dude! Just a great, great guy & a joy to talk to.

Secondly, he's an amazing cook & he let me try all kinds of different foods so naturally he's a real winner in my book (I like food)!

But seriously.

George Cabana is a guy that's been cooking pretty much his entire life. He learned from his Mother who taught him the key lesson of cooking - it's got to come from the heart & you have to have a true passion for it. 

Born in The Phillipines & raised in Hawaii, George's culinary style is heavily influenced by both of those locales. 

After serving in the Army, Chef got into the restaurant biz back in the mid 80s. Eventually he would end up owning a couple of his own spots - both very successful - but decided he wanted to lower the stress level a bit by going back to just managing a kitchen & serving as Executive Chef (and as a former restaurant guy myself, I totally get & appreciate that). 

Well, as fate would have it, George crossed paths w/ Five Co-Owner Greg Rogers & apparently Greg made him an "offer he couldn't refuse" & the rest is history.

His cuisine can certainly be described as an "east-west fusion" but he's really got it all on lockdown -- continental, soul, country-style et al. He's truly an artist & food is his canvas.

One thing I HAVE to mention right here is the Lumpia! These are Filipino egg rolls that will change your worldview, and likely your life.

For George personally, his favorite is seafood & particularly shrimp. And w/ that, I'll turn it back over to Miss La'sure.


Okay guys, you can count me in w/ Chef on shrimp! Absolutely love it! And you've GOT to try his Fried Shrimp platter. Some of the best I've had this side of the Gulf of Mexico & you have to get the Huli sauce to go with it. It is SO good!

Also, I recommend to always swing by or call in (770-385-3060) to check & see what George's daily special is. It's always great with big portions & always at a great price!

Another cool thing about The Five is the entertainment they have all throughout the week. One of their biggest draws for quite some time are their weekly Wednesday Night Cornhole Tournaments. So I worked up some courage & entered one a couple of weeks ago. I'm not going to lie to you: I didn't do too well, but it was still so much fun! And I'm here to tell you there are some REAL pros that attend week in & week out, so you better bring your A-Game!

Now Those Are Some Nachos!

And a Quick Five O'Clock edition of...

  The Music Minute 

Saturday 2/20/12: 

The one & only Blu Maxx

Easily one of the greatest bands ever from Covington. True Home County Music Legends. 

An absolute DON'T MISS event! 

Five O'Clock Bar & Grill

Okay, folks, as Kayla mentioned in the lede, The 5 is the place for music in C-town w/ live top-notch shows each & every weekend & this weekend (2/12 & 13) is no exception.

Friday night is the one & only Owl Creek! These guys are tight & play some killer tunage.

On Saturday it's Hunter Flannagan. There's been a lot of buzz w/ this guy so I'd highly recommend trying to swing by.

Music starts at 9pm both nights.

Chef George & MB

As always, thanks for reading. 

Kayla La'sure & MB McCart 

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