26 February 2021

A Moment From MB: Madam Coroner - Where Do We Go From Here?


By: MB McCart

Regarding the current situation: 

Well, it should've been what it was supposed to be.

A process prescribed by law could've already handled this; but, you know -- people...human nature & such. 

And that's fine. 

There is still remedy to be had; it's called a recall election. 

- MBM 


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  1. For states east of the Mississippi recalls are very difficult. Can I say something? This coroner situation is indicative of a larger problem. As long as the Black community votes for somebody based on skin color we will run the risk of having incompetents elected to office. This is the reason all cities run by Blacks are such hellholes. This is racism and eventually will cause problems just like the Jim Crow policies of eighty years ago.


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