11 February 2021

The Profoundly Sad State of Affairs of Politics & Government in the Home County

 An Editorial by TPC Editor MB McCart 

It was an epiphany I had the other day; actually, it was more like a brick to the head. 

"I don't [expletive deleted] deserve this & neither does Newton Co." 

Well, nobody ever said life was fair. 


Look, folks, I don't have any answers here. This is strictly just a b!tchfest. 

And away we go...

What in God's Great Name did we ever do to deserve Madam Coroner? 

This is obviously a sick & deranged person - w/ a chip the size of Brazil on her shoulder - who cares nothing about the recently departed & apparently hates everything & everyone. 

(((in my opinion))) 

Lord, send SMOD now! 

Switching gears... 

Demond Mason. Did you see his press release "article" in that other paper

What a bunch of gobbledygook & double-speak. 

And look, Demond, you're not nearly as smart as you think you are. You actually proved Stan's case in your little write-up. #WordsMatter 

Newton GOP 

The battle of the last 10 years rages on. A bunch of basic, typical conservatives who care more about being right and/or being in charge than anything else. Meanwhile, Newton burns. 

In a perfect world the "In Betweeners" (aka: The Adults) would come in like a no-limit soldier & just take it away from both factions. That, likely, will not happen because apparently we just can't have nice things, can we?

*Disclosure: I am, for the first time in 8 yrs, a proud card-carrying member of the Libertarian Party so I'm unaffiliated at this point. 

Moving On! 

The whole judicial circuit thing...

Just wow. 

Total power play. Everyone knows it. 

#OneNewton my a$$. 

Let's see, what else? 

The light at 278 & Alcovy/Elm has been jacked for at least two days. It's a real hindrance to the people's business. I sure wish GDOT (or, City of Covington? -- It's a state maintained road that intersects w/ a local one. I think the city has the keys to those magic boxes but maybe aren't supposed to mess w/ them w/out express approval...? Yo, C-Town - give your boy MB them keys. I'll fix it up real good!)

Yours Sadly & Disappointingly,