03 February 2021

#OneNewton [sic] in Turmoil: Dems' Power Play; Agenda Hijinks

By MB McCart 

A few things were discussed at last night's Newton Co BOC meeting, but none was more important than this:

W/ a last second agenda change & with, per our sources, no advanced notice given, a resolution to petition the Georgia General Assembly to recreate our current Superior Court circuit, and to separate out Newton Co. from the Alcovy Judicial Circuit, was taken up by the Newton BOC & passed, on a 3-2 vote, at Tuesday's regular meeting of the county Board of Commissioners 

Most everyone was completely blindsided & caught off guard, other than, apparently - Chairman Banes & also the 2nd, 3rd & 4th district commissioners. 


A Few Questions

So...this is #OneNewton? 

Not seeking or working to build a consensus? 

Not doing the right things or doing things right? 

Power, only for power's sake? 

Quick Sidebar 

As I've spoken about w/ a couple of folks -- from a Freedom & Liberty perspective, a Newton Judicial Circuit may indeed be more friendly (at least in the realm of criminal ju$tice) than an Alcovy Judicial Circuit; however, that doesn't change the fact that this was grossly mishandled. And frankly, I'm extremely disappointed w/ Chairman Banes. I'd reach out to him but I don't think he's taking my calls these days. 

Talk about representation, huh? Tell you what, folks, we got some lousy politicians around here at all levels. 

The Rub 

This is DOA at the Gold Dome. Definitely for the current 2-yr session, likely for a session or two after that as well. 

By that time perhaps SMOD will have graciously come & put us out of our collective misery; if not, we've got the proverbial "2033" to look forward to. 

Yours None Too Thrilled About Various Things, 

- MB McCart