03 November 2018

[Fred Wheeler] - Another Collusion Between Deep State and Fake Media

*a guest piece by Mr. Fred Wheeler of Patriots' Table 

Oh no,

The MSM says the Pentagon "refused" Trump's request for troops to protect our southern border.Using American troops for this duty is not unprecedented. Presidents Taft, Eisenhower, both Bushes -- even Obama have done the same. President Wilson not only sent troops to the border. He had American troops chase Pancho Villa through Mexico for months.

Military Times

After my stint at the Officer Basic Course at Fort Sill, I was stationed with Division Artillery of the Second Armored Division  at Fort Hood, Texas. Upon my arrival in January, 1969 I learned my unit had just returned from Chicago where they had served during the riots. We were assigned an area of the country called our "Garden Plot" for which we trained many hours.

Of course, the nation went a little crazy during the sixties. American troops were used to preserve domestic tranquility often. There is no higher use for our troops than to protect our borders from foreign invaders. 

If there are any deep staters at the Pentagon who think this is a poor use for our troops, they need to be rooted out. Otherwise, this is just another false story by the fake media.

Fred Wheeler 

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  1. Fred, thank you for calling them what they are - foreign invaders. That marching column of looters, moochers, "activists," gang members, drug dealers, and terrorists is an emergency threat and should be repelled like any other hostile enemy force in history. I outlined how to do this a few days ago: a single A-10: https://perrinlovett.me/2018/10/22/have-we-no-more-a-10s-a-proposed-humane-caravan-solution/. (Fans, this being from the day before VD posted the same idea...)

    I also advised our strong President, via email, regarding the same. Technically, my plan would happen in MEX, so no PCA concerns - not that there are any; we're in exception territory here.

    The NG will suffice if used as an actual military. No invaders should ever reach the border let alone cross it. However, there are deep state officers in all branches that need to go (had that conversation with a recently retired Army Col). AND, you called it, we know this is also fake news because of who reported it.

    A fantastic take, Fred! Send more.

    1. Fred’s the real deal, Perrin!

    2. Yes. His verbage would suggest a lack of bow tie.

    3. Lol! Yeah, he’s totes no bow tie!

      Actually, I’m working up a dedicated piece to give you some backstory on Mr. Fred, Perrin. It’ll hit tomorrow...

    4. Good deal. And, y'all better find Smiley too. Do I have to come to Covington??


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