07 November 2018

[Kayla's Corner] - Dawgs, Lost Dogs & Break-ins, Oh My!

Keeping an Eye on Covington & Beyond
Hey, everyone! Hope you've had a good week so far!

Are y'all enjoying this weather? I sure am! I told y'all Fall was right around the corner & here it is! Seems like the leaves are finally turning colors as well. What beauty & what a great time to be alive! Yass!

On another note, how 'bout them Dawgs? Some of you may not know it, but I'm a pretty big Georgia Bulldog football fan, and if you are, then you know how important a win on December 1st is! GO DAWGS!!!

Speaking of dogs, have you ever had one hop out of your fence & go on a walkabout? Or had a cat wonder off? Well, I have, and very recently! My two fur babies got out of their pen & went missing. It's the worst feeling in the world, but with fortunately with the help of some shares on Facebook, they were located not too long after getting out. 

My advice for you when you're dealing with a missing animal is to post on social media (Facebook) a picture & description of your lost pet, where they were last seen & be sure to make that post public & ask your friends to share!

Below are a couple of sites set up for helping to find your lost pets: 

Helping Lost Pets is a great site that many people have used to find their lost pets. 


And there are a few local Facebook pages & groups that can be a great help as well. 

Newton County Animals Only

Friends of Newton Co. Animal Control 

Humane Society of Newton County 

Reach out to these groups & they'll help you get the word out. 

So while I'm giving out tips, I have another one for y'all.

Keep your valuables on you or at home! Like many of you probably have noticed, I've been seeing multiple reports of unlocked, and locked, cars getting broken into & valuables being stolen.

Back in 2015, I had my truck "locked" in the parking lot of Nagoya in Covington. Whilst inside dining I returned only to discover a hole underneath my driver's side door where a thief had broken into my vehicle & taken my purse & other personal belongings. Nothing worse than a thief! And what an awful feeling it is when someone has stolen from you, as some of you probably already know.

So keep those valuables put up you guys! Just a friendly reminder.

As usual, there's a ton of great music going on all over this weekend.

The usual spots: 

Amici on Fridays 

Mystic Grill

Five O'Clock both weekend nights 

River Tavern in Porterdale, Good Fellas in Social Circle, and more...

Okay, guys. Thanks for reading! 

 See you next time!Kayla 

Keeping an Eye on Covington

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