05 November 2018

[MB McCart] - REAL Politick: MBM's GA Voting Guide

Hello, fantabulous readers & don't you all look lovely today.

Well, we're almost there. Thank God. Anybody watching just a small amount of TV the last several days has no doubt been inundated with all these political ads. Open up your mailbox - nothing but crap (and wasted trees ***LEGALIZE HEMP***). And it seems as if just about every other thread on Facebook (don't read the comments, people!) has devolved into political bickering.

But hey, it's about to be over...unless we have a runoff.

So, without further ado, here's your humble, semi-esteemed editor's thoughts on things:


Team Red: Kemp; Team Blue: Abrams; Libertarian: Metz; 3 official write-ins 

TPC Editor MB McCart's pick for Governor: Brian Kemp
To call this one of the biggest races Georgia has ever seen would not be an understatement. A lot of dynamics in this thing. Much has been made & publicized of the insane numbers of out-of-state fundraising for Abrams. Lots have been made about Kemp's guns & his truck. The ridiculous claims of voter disenfranchisement has been beyond the pale.

This one is gonna surprise a few folks. I will not be voting for the Libertarian Ted Metz. No, I am voting for a Republican for Governor for the first time in 16 years (have voted Libertarian in the last 3 cycles). I am voting for Brian Kemp. 

Two polls that I've been waiting for (though only one has been published) has shown what - as I've heard - internal polling has shown & that Kemp probably has a 3 - 5% lead and the final GOTV push & election day voting should skew towards him. More than anything, I'm taking one for the team. Let's go ahead & tie a bow on this WITHOUT a runoff. Sound good? You bet your sweet ass it does...


The Libertarians did not run anyone for this race, so I'm voting for the Democrat - Sarah Riggs Amico.
I sure as hell wouldn't be voting for that lying, no-account, techie sumbitch Geoff Duncan, that's for damn sure. The God-awful, unconscionable dirty muck campaign he ran against my friend David Shafer will never be forgotten or forgiven...

Secretary of State 

I'll proudly be voting for the Libertarian in this one, Smythe Duval. I've been very impressed with his intelligence & the work he's put into this campaign.

I suppose I'm still a little pissed about Raffensperger's apparent, straight-up buying of the GOP nomination for this race when both Josh McKoon & Buzz Brockway were both such better candidates.

I did think about pulling the lever for blue again for Barrow, but would rather see the LP possibly get upwards of 5% in this one.

GA Public Service Commission 3 

In Georgia, the Libertarian Party is classified as a "political body," unlike the Rs & Ds who are "political parties." More importantly, the GALP is the only political body that has met the very difficult requirements to have statewide ballot access. That means that every race in Georgia that is truly statewide (on every qualified elector's ballot in the state), that the Libertarian candidate's name is actually ON the ballot. So, things like Governor, Lt. Governor; the other state constitutional offices; U.S. Senate & Georgia Public Service Commission, the Libertarian candidate does have real estate on every, single Georgian's ballot.

However, the way the state law reads, this "political body" has to maintain that status every 2 years by garnering at least 2% of the vote in any statewide race. So, it's important for that to happen to maintain at least a semblance of a tripartisan system in our great state. Over the years I've had several die-hard Republicans who make a point to tell me that while they voted straight GOP, they'll throw a vote to at least one of the Libertarian PSC candidates. That's a good thing.

By the way, the PSC members are the ones directly responsible for Georgia having some of the highest utility rates in America. Hell, maybe we should try something different?

I think a lot of Ryan Graham, the Libertarian for PSC 3. I wholeheartedly endorse him & would be most grateful if you'd cast a vote for him.


I'll once again, in order to ensure their status as a Georgia political body, being voting Libertarian in this PSC race for John Turpish, who seems to have really run a CINO (campaign in name only).

Other statewide races: 


For the record, I'll be voting for at least one more Democrat - Chris Carr IS NOT LEGALLY ELIGIBLE TO BE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF GEORGIA, much less to be reelected. WTF?!?!

Amendments & Referendums 

NO!!! On all.


Not much going on in Newton Co. Unopposed races for BOC 2; BOE 1,3 & 5.

Though I'm not in the district, I'm a big fan of Spencer Arnhart for the 4th District BOC. A dedicated write-up on that race will hit this evening, so keep an eye out for that. 

Okay for now, til next time.

- MBM 


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