29 November 2018

Where in the World is Kayla's Corner?

Where, oh where, has Kayla been? 

Kayla's Corner

You folks really enjoy her stuff, don't you? I mean, I get it - so do I. I get a lot of comments, especially if she goes a few weeks without a piece, but Kayla is a pretty busy girl. Not unlike your semi-esteemed editor, she always has multiple irons in the fire; but fear not, fearless readers, she will be back very soon & will hopefully get back on her regular bi-weekly schedule.

Kayla Leasure

In the meantime, check out one of the projects she's working on. Her fella makes gun holsters as well as phone, dip & business card holders, and they are awesome! I'm a proud owner one of their business card holders.

North GA Holster Co.

I just love mine!

Check out the link to their FB page to get more information. They are very reasonably priced & people just love their products! 

As I understand it, Kayla will definitely be doing a Corner next week. If you see her around town or on the ole Facebook, make a point to mention to her how much you enjoy her column.

Okay for now, gang, we'll see you next time.