12 November 2018

[MB McCart] - Monday Morning Check-in: Sometimes it's Gotta Rain; a Primer on Pissing Off Everybody

Greetings, Fearless Readers, and we sure hope it's good out there. 

Well, apparently it's supposed to rain for like the next few weeks, or so it seems. Today, particularly, looks especially awful in & around the COV with basically 100%-likely rain all day & night with temperatures in the 40's. Yuck! 

A few things to cover today, let's go with some bullet points, shall we? 

- How 'Bout Them Dawgs! It's always great to beat our supposed "brotherly rivalry" rivals, the wareagletigerplainsmen from "Clemson Without a Lake" - the "Abuurn" farm school. While up late in the game 27-10, the Dawgs decided to fake a field goal & go for a late touchdown. Apparently the Auburn folks are a little sore about it. Good!

- So last week I was able to accomplish something pretty remarkable - I basically managed to piss off pretty much everybody. With my three political posts last week, I received negative feedback in the FB comments, the website comments, email, FB Messager & via phone & text. With the one post, Democrats were pissy about my voting for Kemp; Libertarians were upset that I was voting for Kemp; Republicans were upset that I was voting for Libertarians & Democrats down ballot. But the most specific anger was from...

- The Newton Co. Republican Party (NCRP). In another post in which I was doing a feature piece on the campaign of Spencer Arnhart, I inadvertently, with two sentences, managed to apparently, in a metaphorical way, pour sugar down their gas tank while beating up their Mom. This was not my intent whatsoever, I assure you. Again, it was a feature piece on Spencer that many folks appreciated & very much enjoyed reading.

However, by using the words - "completely abandoned" - I ended up pissing in the NCRP's Corn Flakes. Looking back, I should've parsed my words a little differently. I was going on an in-person conversation I had with Scott Jay, the Chair of the NCRP, a couple months prior that seemed to confirm the fact that most folks in the party had no interest in being involved with Arnhart's campaign due to the fact that many purportedly felt that he was a "Never Trumper." I also based it on the fact that there was exactly one Republican running in Newton Co at the county level & the NCRP Facebook page didn't post anything about the 4th District race in the 120 days leading up to the election. I have been able to confirm that the party did offer the floor to Spencer at their general meetings leading up to the campaign, as the Chair had told me. As I said in a comment on the Facebook thread for this piece, it WAS a mutual decision. Spencer, based on all the noise in the system during this time, did not attend any of the NCRP meetings during the last few months of the campaign. I should have clarified that.

Also, the line about the qualifying money was unnecessary & below the belt. I do apologize for that to my friends on the NCRP's Executive Committee & its general membership.

- So the Abrams campaign is still fighting to make sure every vote is counted while still soliciting campaign funds. I have waded through the numbers & I truly believe the Kemp campaign is correct - it's mathematically impossible for either a recount or a runoff, so I'm not sure why this is still dragging on. But, we should have closure on this thing after tomorrow afternoon.

- Congrats to local guy, Tim Fleming. The former Deputy Secretary of State is now the Chief of Staff for Governor-Elect Brian Kemp. I got a chance to personally congratulate Tim when we ran into him & his lovely bride at the UGA/AU game.

So, what's coming down the pike for TPC this week?

Look for TWO pieces from our CF Floyd Feature Writer of National Affairs, Perrin Lovett. This will be Kayla's off week, but we're hoping for a piece from Ellis Millsaps & look for the usual weekend post from superbly talented Bess Tuggle!

I'm working on a couple of write-ups that you may see at least one of this week.

Okay, friends, thanks for reading & we'll talk to you soon.