07 November 2018

[MB McCart] - TPC Real Politick: The REAL Story of GA Politics & the Kemp Victory on the Day After

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Howdy, folks.

Per the Secretary of State's election results page, we've finally hit 100% of precincts reporting & it's looking like Kemp is going to make it without a runoff with approx. 1.97 million votes & 50.4%. A little tighter than most folks were thinking.

So, what's the rub? That real story? How did Kemp avoid a runoff he may very well have lost in which we all would have suffered unmercifully.

If you're thankful, you can thank Yours Truly & about 65,000 other people.

That was the number of Libertarians, libertarians (non-dues-paying-members), GA Liberty folks, Ron-and-Rand-Paul Republicans, Independents, disaffected Democrats & Classical Liberals who voted for the Libertarians down ballot but voted for Kemp. 

Kemp avoided a runoff by approx 15,000 votes. 

The data supports this*.

So, hug a libertarian. Write a Thank You note. Send flowers. A nice Lodi Zinfandel?

One last thing. Though most folks will be too obtuse or just have their heads so far up their posteriors to realize it (God Bless the Common Man), but this is a big deal. This is a powerful voting bloc with the ability to push a pro-Freedom agenda & even act as kingmakers of sorts.

It's time for the Georgia Liberty movement to party like it's 2011 & 2012! It's time to get the band back together.

That's the way I see it.

As, always. Thanks for reading. 

- MBM 

*# of votes for David Graham, Libertarian candidate for GA PSC 3: 101,817; # of votes for Ted Metz, Libertarian candidate for Governor: 36,881