10 November 2018

[Fred Wheeler] - Remembering Kristallnacht

* the following is a piece by guest contributor, Fred Wheeler of Patriots' Table 


Yesterday, at the Lunch Bunch meeting the 80th anniversary of Kristallnacht came up. This was a pogrom against the German Jews, their synagogues and businesses  carried out primarily by the SA (Brownshirts) of the Nazis in November, 1938.

We need to inform ourselves about the Brownshirts (as distinguished from the SS ) because we have their equivalent here, today, in America. Antifa, who, ironically claim they are ant-fascist believe in the same things and engage in the same activities as Hitler's Brownshirts. The recent mob that intimidated Tucker Carlson's family is just one example. While they are nothing but street thugs this branch of Antifa is led by a professor from John Jay University.

They are cheered on by the likes of Maxine Waters. Presently using the tactics of intimidation (refusing service to someone wearing a MAGA hat, crowding around and yelling at people trying to eat dinner, picketing with bullhorns at their homes, publishing the home phone numbers so people can make threatening calls, etc.). It won't take long before these actions will escalate. There are cities, primarily on the west coast, where the violent acts of Antifa are not only tolerated -- they are encouraged, by the police standing down and the refusal of authorities to charge these people with a crime.