06 January 2020

Agenda for Newton Co. BOC's Regular Meeting on Tuesday January 7th

1124 Clark Street
Covington, Georgia

Regular Meeting
January 7, 2020

Thought for the day…
You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give.
Sir Winston Churchill

7:00 p.m.
                        1. Call to Order: Chairman Marcello Banes
2. Invocation:  
3. Pledge of Allegiance
4. Agenda Adoption
5. Citizen Comments
6. Chairman’s Report:
7. County Manager’s Report:
8. Old Business: None
9. Consent Agenda
9a. BOC Vice-Chair – Demond Mason, District Two
9b. Zoning Bd of Appeals – District Five – Scott Jay
9c. Planning Commission – District Five – Jody Smith
9d. Newton County Board of Health – Phil Stone
1 9e. County Clerk:  BOC W/S Minutes – November 19, 2019
2-11 9f. County Clerk: BOC RBM Minutes – November 19, 2019
12-15 9g. County Clerk: BOC RBM Minutes – December 3, 2019
H/O 9h. County Clerk: BOC ES Minutes – December 3, 2019
16 9i. Sheriff’s Office: Request permission to accept the Local Law Enforcement Grant in the amount of $37,000.00.
Source:  Criminal Justice Coordinating Council
17 9j. Sheriff’s Office:  Request permission to accept the 2019 SCAAP Grant. No matching funds required.
18 9k. Superior Court/Resource Court: Request permission to accept a Community Benefit Grant in the amount of $5000.
Source:  Piedmont Healthcare
19 9l. Superior Court/Adult Felony Court: Request permission to 
Apply for Federal SAMHS Grant in the amount up to $400,000 per year for a total of up to $2 million over 5 years Source:  Reimbursement Grant
20-22 9m. Juvenile Court: Seeking approval to ratify additional grant funds awarded to the Juvenile Behavioral Court in the amount of $14,988.
Source: Criminal Justice Coordinating Council
10. Discussion/Consideration of transfer of Economic Development from the Chamber of Commerce to the Industrial Development Authority.
23-31 11. Resolution R010720 – Second Modification of Promissory Note & Loan Agreement (GEFA Loan) 
12. Appointment of the County Manager – Term 1 year
13. Appointment of the County Attorney – Term 1 year
14. Appointment of the County Clerk – Term 1 year
H/O 15. Resolution R010720 – A Resolution to Set the 2020 Qualifying Fees 
Final Reading
CVS Pharmacy
5384 Hwy. 20S 
Covington, Georgia
Courtney Evans
District Two

17. Final Reading
Circle K
4175 Salem Road
Covington, Georgia
Amanda Clay
District Two

18. Final Reading
Walgreens #12621
12955 Brown Bridge Road
Covington, Georgia
Patrina Eaton
District Two
32-33 19. Alcohol License Renewals

20. Citizen Comments
21. Commissioner Comments
22. Executive Session 
23. Adjourn