05 January 2020

Agenda of City of Covington's Council Meeting on Monday January 6th

JANUARY 6, 2020
6:30 PM

1. Call to order, invocation, and Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America.
2. Discussion of the minutes from the Regular Council Meeting held on December 9, 2019.
3. Discussion of changes to the agenda.
4. Public comments for any item not on the agenda.
5a. Approval of request to block parking spaces to remodel Scoops, expost facto.
5b. Approval of an application to obtain a license to sell alcoholic beverages for off-premises consumption only for:
Covington Food Mart
9123 Highway 278
6. Discussion of a resolution specifying City officials to communicate City decisions with respect to the Trust by jointly executing written directions to MEAG Power and the Trustee.
7. Discussion of resolution to purchase of items for City-wide training room at new CPD.
8. Discussion of bids to construct an ADA accessible restroom facility at the City’s CNG facility.
9. Discussion of ratifying requests for the Covington Town Center Project.
10. Discussion of interim contract with the Chamber for ED services.
11. Discussion of moving ED under the management of the IDA.
12. Discussion of employment agreement for the City Manager.
13. Acknowledge receipt of appointment of Municipal Court Solicitor Cheryl Freeman.
14. Discussion of Miscellaneous Appointments. (City Attorney, Municipal Court Judge, and Physicians)
15. Discussion of Mayor Pro-tem Elect (Council member Williams).
16. Public comments.
17. Comments from the City Manager.
18. Comments from the Mayor and Council.
19. Enter into Executive Session for the purpose of discussing land opportunities.
20. Adjourn.