15 January 2020

| On the C-Town Beat w/ MB | Hart/OCHO Property Taxes Paid in Full; Planning Commission Votes to Deny New Apartments

*edited 1/16 

Previously this publication has written about the tragic tale of Mr. George Hart & had previously reported multiple times on the large amount of delinquent property taxes owed for his amalgamated textile business - OHCO, Inc - & how supposedly a payment plan had been set up with the previous Newton Co. Tax Commissioner w/out purportedly a dime ever having been paid. 

A fellow Network Chief had mentioned to me some time back that those taxes, encompassing a decade's worth of ad valorem taxation had been paid. Finally, this writer checked it out & yes - it does appear that those outstanding taxes have been paid in full. 

So, some unexpected monies in the coffers of our primary political subdivision. I'm sure it will be spent wisely...

Also, it seems that perhaps the issues with the IRS have at least been somewhat worked out as according to signage & various posts on the Facebook, OHCO, Inc. will be reopening on January 23 for a "Going-Out-of-Business" sale.


Yesterday, the 14th, Covington Planning Commission had their monthly meeting. There'd been much interest in this meeting as they were set to take up two hot-button issues - a refugee settlement shelter as well as yet another apartment complex in Newton Co. (remember, we've already got two new ones under construction). 

To the pleasure of many, the Commission voted unanimously, 8 to nil, to deny both. 

As we understand it, "Staff" has recommended approval of the new apartment complex just north of existing complex on Hwy 36  - Magnolia Heights - contingent on a traffic study. The city staff reportedly recommended denying the shelter. 


The last thing C-town needs on that stretch of 36 is another apartment complex. We don't have the thoroughfare capability for it, nor the proper infrastructure. 

- MB McCart