26 January 2020

[Bess Tuggle] - IMHO, The Week in Review: Two Bad Things, Two Good

I like to try to stay positive.  I try really -hard- to stay positive, but C-town and the county are making it really hard to do so this week.  

“Commissioners to explore in-house legal department” (headline in the Newton Citizen) scares the be-jeezus out of me.  Really?  That just sounds like more graft and corruption.  Why, pray tell, do they need an in-house legal department?  Do it right and you don’t need any legal help.  An in-house legal department is just another way of milking the taxpayer’s tit and putting the screws on the in-house legal department.  

Another burr in my butt, for want of better explanation, is the status of volunteer fire departments.  WHY did they get shut down?  Yes, that’s rhetorical.  I’ve bought years’ worth of “Family Portrait” fund raisers to support them.  We had a perfectly good volunteer fire department at the intersection of Highway 142 and Dixie Road.  It now has a “Fireworks” for sale banner on the front and the county is looking for somewhere to build another as our insurance rates go through the roof.   

I’ve got two people/establishments that I tip my hat to this week.

Animal Control is expanding, and they deserve every cent they get.  I was a volunteer there in my younger years (Betty Belairs) and I know how much they go through.  It’s a tough, sad job, and there’s no way to explain how tough and sad it is.  I’m looking forward to the expansion.  Spay/neuter your pets so they don’t need it anymore.

Ms. Melanie Bell gets a hat tip too.  Happy Valentines Day!  Free weddings for the day!  She’s got some large shoes to fill following Henry Baker.  I do believe my wedding is the last off-site wedding he did.  I miss “Uncle Henry,” but I think Judge Bell is filling in just fine.  

- Bess Tuggle 

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  1. They need an in-house legal department because of the outrageous legal bills we have to pay each year. Many of us believed that after the previous county attorney was fired the situation would get better, But, it hasn't. There are several contributing factors to this: We live in a litigious society. People sue at the drop of a hat. We have to defend the cases no matter how trivial. The sheriff continues to use the previous county attorney. The BOC is so spooked they call up the attorney to ask what to eat for breakfast each morning. An in-house legal team would still be expensive, but could perhaps save 30% off the current bill.


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