10 January 2020

Marshall's Music Minute, January 10th, 2020: Big Friday Night in Newton Co.!

Greetings, music lovers, and welcome back to another edition of The Minute!

The very talented Hannah Thomas will be hosting Karaoke again at Rooster's Drive Inn in good ole Mansfield, GA. 

The festivities will be starting up at 7pm, so come check out Rooster's killer selection of seafood, drink ya' some ice cold beer & get up and sing some of your favorite tunes! And maybe Hannah will even sing one w/ you!

The one & only - Chris, Jon & Scott - will be doing that voodoo they do tonight at Amici Covington. Music to start up at 8pm. For the many of us who've seen this tremendous trio we can tell you how out of sight it is. 1st class musicianship, great vocals & a superb song selection that runs the gambit from Classic Rock & 90s-era Grunge & all points in between. Always one of the better shows you'll ever see around these parts - it's highly recommended! 

And friends, after you get done with either Karaoke or CJ&S (and we'd advise you to do both!), you can ease on over to C-town's premier music venue - Five O'Clock - and check out some kick-a$$ Rock & Roll compliments of Static Station. 

A big night, indeed. Make sure to get out & enjoy! Til next time.