21 January 2020

[On the C-town Beat w/ MB] - Anthony Henderson's New Job; Latest w/ the Rec Dept & More on Proposed Refugee Shelter

Friends, so glad you join us again. We've got the chafing dishes ready & the sterno burning, so let's dig right in! 

Anthony Henderson Now Working with Newton Co. Code Enforcement 

Covington Councilman & son of Newton Co. Commissioner JC Henderson, Anthony Henderson, it has been confirmed, is no longer working at the Newton Co. Jail but is now working with the Newton Co. government in the Code Enforcement department. Questions have been raised as to the hiring process for Mr. Henderson, and also too relating to any potential conflicts of interest as his father serves on the BOC, governing authority of the county. I'll be working to get more information moving forward... 

More Dysfunction at Newton Co. Rec Department? 
[information redacted at moment]...


Additional Information Regarding the Proposed Refugee Shelter

Last week at its regular monthly meeting, the Covington Planning Commission voted unanimously to deny a petition for a refugee shelter to be located at 7188 Turner Lake Circle. Covington P&Z Staff also recommended denial. In addition to numerous concerns about land use, increased traffic & a potential drain on the city's infrastructure capabilities & services, the commission purportedly was concerned with the proposed tenant's lack of answers or even basic knowledge of what exactly this shelter would entail, as well as being unable to answer questions pertaining to the staffing or security of this shelter (emphasis added) According to one in attendance, the lady attempting to do this shelter "had no idea what she was talking about," but apparently was already approved for a grant of federal funds. 

7188 Turner Lake Cir, owned by Mock Properties LLLP

What may have gotten lost in the shuffle with this situation (and also in part due to the higher interest given to the proposed apartments on Hwy 36), however, was that the owner of this property had to also sign off on this petition. That owner?

Ricky Mock, of Mock Properties I LLLP.


All these stories & more are very much DEVELOPING... 

- MB McCart 


  1. Mock Properties had not approved had not approved her to rent the property yet and she did not disclose to Mock Properties that it would be a refuge shelter.

    1. My information says otherwise.

    2. Well your information is WRONG have you talked to anyone from Mock Properties and if you were at the meeting or if you had talked to us you would know this.

    3. So are you stating that you ("unknown"), along with anyone from Mock Properties, did not have any idea that this was happening, any involvement whatsoever with the petition, or that you had no knowledge it was even coming before the Planning Commission? Is that what you're saying? Because based on your second comment that seems to be what you're implying.

      As to your first comment, I'd recommend you read the article again & tell me where I said anything about Mock Properties approving or agreeing to anything?

  2. Wow. Just, WOW! Don't have a clue what to think about this one. I feel "sucker punched."

  3. I'd watch this one closely. What kind of "refugee?" What kind of grant? Kemp is still on the fence. The enemy combatants, excuse me, the courts have tied down Trump's consent order. Soros keeps the money and ships moving. And, all that stands up for "conservative" interests in GA are civ-nat, "as long as it's leeeegal" midwits. BBC: Sweden rape: Most convicted attackers foreign-born: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-45269764

  4. Reminds me of that property on Starrsville Rd. that Mary Jane Dixon had for sale for so long. She couldn't move it because of zoning, until she had a sales contract with Mark Patrick. That sale contract was contingent on rezoning (I don't remember to what) so he could pop in a small subdivision. -He- got the zoning and bought the property. A gentleman on the road bought it, with funds from his pension, from Mr. Patrick and had it rezoned back to A/R. The whole area showed up to contest the first rezoning. We were all ignored by the county Commissioners at the time, as was P&Z (they denied the zoning change. My youngest child and I were the only ones that showed up when it was rezoned back to A/R. Makes me sick.

  5. Oh, and you still can't get a job with the city or county without "knowing" the "right" folks.

  6. Sounds like a similar story we heard a few years back with some land on County Line road. But they didn't know what it was for they said.

  7. A "refugee shelter" sounds like a solution looking for a problem. Build a refugee shelter and guess what happens? You get refugees.


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