18 January 2020

The Music Minute: April Allen Live @ Rooster's in Mansfield, GA, Saturday January 18th.

Friends, truly one of the best singers in this part of Georgia will be playing tonight at Rooster's Drive Inn in Mansfield, GA tonight - January 18th - at 7pm.

April Allen

April Allen, known to many as one of the lead singers of the Drive Time band, will be bringing her blend of country acoustic music down to ole "Carmel Junction."

3069 HWY 11
30055 Mansfield, Georgia(770) 788-8003
From the Rooster's FB page:

April Allen will be playing and singing for us Saturday night, if you haven't seen April yet, you don't know what you've been missing.
April is a lead vocal in the band Drive Time and will be singing all your Country and Rock favorites.
Saturday night at Roosters, show starts around 7. and remember C.C.& C.
Catfish, Country music, & Cold beer.

So again,  we highly recommend this one - April Allen Live in Mansfield!