31 January 2020

An End of the Month Check In w/ MB: Word on the Street; TPC News; Miscellany & What-not

Greetings, fearless readers, and I sure hope it's lovely out there. And speaking of lovely, how 'bout the weather today? Just delightful. 

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Let's dig right in.

Word on the Street
So I heard this about a week ago & figured it was just B.S., but now after talking with a few folks these last few days it is looking as if the one & only JC Henderson may very well declare for Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, Newton Co.

If this is indeed the case - and it's looking more & more like it is - then this speaks to a phenomenon this writer, and others, have been aware of for at least a couple of years.

There's a growing rift on the Democratic side of the aisle here in Newton Co. You've got the current Chairman, Marcello Banes, clearly aligned with the Stephanie Lindsey/Divine 9/NewRock Legal Society crowd, and then you've got ole JC with his 4th District political machine & ward heelers, the Ministers' Union & our ole pal Wm T. "Tommy" Criag, Esq. (as we're told).

The GOPers in the home county could have a real opportunity to exploit this divide if just the right candidate could be found for Chair (think along the lines of a Ken Malcolm) & if so - then a real opportunity may exist for them to take back control of the Chairmanship.

Such interesting dynamics. Politics - you gotta love it!

TPC News
So, I can't lie, I'm feeling pretty good about things TPC at the moment. 

For starters, we had the most posts in a month (33 w/ this one)that we've had since April of 2019. 

And the big one - the most page views in a month since July of 2018! 

Folks, I'm so happy about this. And it couldn't have been done without our crack, top-notch team of contributors & writers - Kayla Leasure, Perrin Lovett, Ellis Millsaps, Ryan Ralston & last, but certainly not least, Bess Tuggle
. Thanks so much, guys. 

Miscellany & What-not 

- So Sam Hay has it out for Stan Edwards, I'm told. I sure hope ole Sammy Boy doesn't forget about me, though! But seriously, I thought the decision to close down the VFD on 142 was made in 2016, before Stan was elected, but I might be wrong on that. Regardless, it seems as if some folks have been piling on. But, those insurance premium increases, right? Man, that's rough...

- Got to tip my hat to the Alice Queen & the Newton Citizen. They've been doing some pretty good reporting lately.

- Speaking of the "other" papers, what's up w/ the Covington News? Those last few papers have been awfully thin...

- And finally, it's almost time for The Super Bowl! Who you got? Chiefs or the 49ers?

Okay for now, buckaroos, until next time. 

- MB McCart