12 January 2020

[Bess Tuggle] - In My Humble Opinion: The Week in Review - Covington Councilwoman Fleeta Baggett

*ed. note: The Chronicles are making some pretty big changes in 2020 including the goal of greatly ramping up our content. To that point, Ms. Bess will now be doing another weekly column to go along w/ her "Memoirs of Surviving Children" series. In My Humble Opinion will be her weekly look at the REAL Story of Covington & Newton Co. Down the road, she will likely be doing another weekly piece as well as some feature articles on local people, politics, events & general goings on. As always, we appreciate you reading. Best, - MB McCart


Let me start with writing PLEASE be patient with me. Any suggestions are welcome and requested. I’ve never tried to write about the news before, so HELP!

This Week in Review, IMHO (In My Humble Opinion)…

To the chagrin of most of us, the new year has bit us in the butt. It’s the end of the holidays. Back to work, back to school, back to the daily grind. But, it’s a whole new year. Hold tight to those resolutions! If you fall off the wagon, whatever one you’re riding on, jump back on. You’ll get there! My husband is trying to quit smoking and doing quite well. The tension might make me smoke more, but it’s worth it. Weight loss, drinking, exercise.. stick with it. You -will- get there. I’m sticking with my favorite resolution from the “Rose is Rose” comic. “More kisses.” To each his own.

Most of us get our news on a daily basis, which makes this really tough for me. I don’t want to regurgitate what the media decides we should be privy to. Newspapers, also known as “fish wrappers” from a dear old friend, give us the basic local news. TV, cable, cell phones, internet.. bombard us information.

My pick for this week is Ms. Fletta Baggett.

Covington East Ward Councilwoman, Fleeta Baggett

I personally don’t like most politicians. I personally don’t know Ms. Fletta. We live in the county, not city, but BS is BS any which-a-way you look at it. Gives my husband a laugh when I yell at the TV, paper or internet, but I want to see -real- info and real results.

She stood up. As a “new-bee” on the city council, she stood up and voted in opposition. That impresses me. It doesn’t even matter what she was in opposition of. She didn’t have the information that she needed to make an informed, educated vote. That -really- impresses me.

Her vote, reminds me of the “Obama Care” fiasco that we’re all still dealing with. “Vote for it, then find out what’s in it.” She didn’t go for it.

My hat’s off to Ms. Fleeta. Hope she rubs off on the rest of the city council and the county commissioners.

I’ll be -watching- her!