21 March 2019

Local Business Spotlight: Rest Easy Mattress

Rest Easy Mattress
2185 Pace St Covington, GA 30014
(next to BB&T, across from Hardee's)

"We want to treat folks the way we want to be treated," is the motto of Bill Nash, proprietor of Rest Easy Mattress in Covington, GA & that certainly seems to be the right way to do business, so it's no surprise that Rest Easy has been voted the best mattress store in Covington for three years running. Bill's been a Covingtonian since 1982. "This is home," he says, adding that he's proud to be a resident & a business owner in our fair city. 

The store on Pace St has been in existence for over 27 years developing a reputation as the area's premier mattress & bedding business. Bill took over ownership at the end of 2015 & proceeded to greatly raise the bar adding much more selection & variety. As many of you know, there are tons of folks in town who ONLY go to Bill & Rest Easy. It's easy to see why...

And I'll tell you this, folks - this fella truly cares about this business & his customers. That's by far been the biggest takeaway for me after having talked with Bill a few times preparing this advertising campaign. Really, he looks at the consumer more as a client, not just a customer. His word is his bond & he wants to develop life-long business relationships. He wants to do right by you so you'll get that next mattress from him; that your kids, friends & family will be buying their bedding needs from him. That's the way to do it! That's a good business model. The other key to his operation, Bill tells me, is that they never utilize a "high pressure sales" approach. That's just not how he does business. He wants you to be sure that this all-too-important decision is one that you're comfortable with. And, hell - a lot of y'all already know this. Honesty & Integrity. One's word being their bond. That's the way to do it...

The other big thing is his passion about this stuff. And honestly, I never truly realized it. As Bill said, "you're going to spend more time on your bed than on any other piece of furniture in your house...it's so important." Definitely, that makes sense. He also talks about sleep quality & how vital that is to your quality of life - "if you're not sleeping well, you're not going to be well." Without a doubt. 

Voted #1, Three Years Running!

So with all of that in place, let's talk about the actual establishment.

It's a good looking building that is very well maintained. Neat & orderly, inside & out, it's a nice shopping experience. It'd been years since I'd been in this building when I went to interview Bill, and I marveled at the space in there. It just doesn't look that big from the outside, and friends, I'm here to tell you - this place has such a selection! Leggett & Platt, Sealy, Sterns & Foster, Symbol & Milly Memory Foam Bedding. He's got it all. And not just the mattresses themselves. Pillows, bed covers & more. And...he can set you up with multiple different financing options. 

Another big thing I've learned since starting my work on this advertising campaign is a major issue that's happening all throughout our great land. There are folks out there - a lot of 'em - claiming that they're selling new mattresses - "in plastic," they  might say! Or, "Save up to 80%!" - when, simply, they. Are. NOT! There's horror stories out there. A lot of these discount stores are just straight-up lying to folks. Doing this is actually a violation of state law, but that doesn't stop some of these unscrupulous purveyors. Problems like stains reappearing after these mattresses were cleaned & then the big one - BEDBUGS!!! Well, Good People, you don't have to worry about that when you buy from Bill Nash & them at Rest Easy Covington. These are 100% BRAND NEW mattresses straight from the factory, guaranteed. 

As I mentioned previously, Bill & them have such a great selection, and not just with the big, fancy brands. Certainly he has those, including several that look & feel absolutely amazing & that are well north of a grand; however, he carries a particular brand that makes an excellent mattress with its lowest priced model at just $299. Again, this is a top-notch mattress. Now sure, you can get one of those cheapies you might see at a certain mega-store for less, but as several of you know - those things just aren't worth it. Rest Easy Mattress carries all sizes, from a Twin to the extended King & all points in between. 

This is one that Bill is very excited about. A Superior Sleeping Experience. Adjustable Base w/ Vibration. From Leggett & Platt, made in the Great State of Kentucky, USA

Be sure to get by & check out Bill's wonderful store & be sure to tell 'em that you read about it in The Chronicles. And, if you kindly would, tell him - "Thank You." For it's folks like Bill that help me help get you the "REAL Story!" 

And as always, we greatly appreciate you reading.

Until next time,

- MB McCart, Editor, TPC